It’s time for the children to go to bed and the one night stand hunters to take their leave. This is Zoosk, a dating app that focusses on introducing you to your soulmate. Don’t come looking for a quick fun time here. the application is mainly aimed at an older and more mature audience. Zoosk isn’t the normal swipe left and right kind of application. Zoosk has more depth to it than the competition.

What sets it apart?

One thing that makes Zoosk what it is, is the detailed profile. When creating a Zoosk profile, you don’t just enter a name and picture. Zoosk has more questions for you that need to be filled in, like interests and hobbies. This allows the app to match you up with people who might be a bit more compatible. The app was one of the first that operated out of facebook. now it simply takes some of the information from your profile and even verifies pictures of you. The verification is aimed at removing some of the dead or fake profiles, although it doesn’t stop them 100%.

On the website of the application, users will find dating tips to help them get back into the game. Like mentioned above, the app targets older people. These people include some that are recently divorced or widowed. There’s even an option where users can indicate if they are one of the two. People who have children can find others that have some of their own.

The app has an amazing messaging system that puts other dating applications to shame if you ask me. There is no shortage of users to chat to with more than 40 million accounts and 3 million messages sent daily. The app caters for people in 25 languages. This way you can find someone who feels a little closer to home.

A major downside of the app is the cost of the premium version is somewhere around $25 per month. I consider this a bit mental. On the other hand, the app targets the pockets of older, working-class people who can afford this. Another, smaller inconvenience is that although the app forces users to verify photos, you’ll still occasionally come across a profile that hasn’t been active since 2007.

Download and sign-up

Downloading the latest version of Zoosk has never been easier for you since you are on our page. Scroll up and click on the big green button that’s labeled with the word “Download”. Once you find yourself on the Google Play Store, you can press install and start searching for your one and only.

The sign up is nothing new or tricky. Thanks to the fact that the Zoosk application shares a long history with the social media giant Facebook, you can integrate your Facebook profile effortlessly with the Zoosk one. don’t worry there are settings you can change to assure better protection for your privacy if you don’t want too much information shared.  The sign up will include all the normal information like name and surname as well as added questions like interests and hobbies. Find someone like you with the Zoosk APK.