Youtube is one of the social media giants. Some stats show us that the younger generation is moving away from the well known Facebook and they tend to lean more towards other platforms like Instagram and Youtube. Youtube is a large video sharing platform that’s owned by Google itself. Over the years, users have been cooking up and utilizing websites and applications that allow you to download content from Youtube itself on to your mobile device or computer. Google has worked tirelessly to remove these applications from the Play Store. Now, they have finally come to the realisation that they’ll never beat the thousands that stand against them. The latest version of the Youtube Go APK is their answer to the problem.

What is the latest version of Youtube Go?

The latest version of the Youtube Go application allows users to save certain videos offline. Yes, now you can save your favourite youtube videos on your device. Google created this application to solve the problem with pirate sites and apps.

Once you open the application you’ll see that it resembles the normal Youtube application in many ways. The latest version is just a slimmed version of Youtube itself. When you’re in the app you can see that there are fewer options to browse and explore content. Every video you click on will give you the option to either stream or download the video you select. It gives you this option with very video and there is no default.

The application doubles up in the sense that it acts like a lighter version of the Youtube application as well. The latest version is also a bit lighter on your mobile data. This means users can save money by controlling the data usage of the application. Like mentioned above, this comes at a sacrifice. Most of the useful features on the original app are missing from this one. You can’t minimize videos anymore and there are only two tabs to browse from.

The simplicity of the app makes it great to use when your data is in a pinch. The application is small and won’t take up much space on your device. There is even an ability¬†to share videos while users are offline over the wi-fi direct feature on Android devices.

Download the latest version of Youtube Go

The latest version of Youtube Go apk is free to download for Android users. Just by clicking on the download button on this page, you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can download the APK free of charge. The app doesn’t take up much space and is legal to use. You can now remove the paranoia that the FBI is going to kick down your door in the middle of the night because you downloaded funny cat videos.

The combination of being a lighter version of the big app and giving you the freedom to download videos that don’t have any copyright attached to them makes the app worthy of a try. Download it now and see what you think about it.