YIFY TV is an app dedicated to watching free streams of movies and TV shows. The app allows you to load third party streams and thus watch practically any movie for free online. You can also download torrents of movies on YIFY Movie Browser. Strangely enough, the app can actually be found on the Google Play Store seeing as they make a dedicated effort not to release copyrighted material through it. This is something that most other torrent and streaming apps cannot claim.

The app has everything you’d expect from a streaming app. The interface is laid out somewhat similarly to apps like Netflix, with a grid formation displaying titles of movies and a featured section at the top of the page. You can then select your movie and it will display the stream. Simply press play and you’re away!

You can also download the movies for free and store them on your device to watch later when you’re offline. This makes the app ideal when preparing for a long flight or journey.

Why Download YIFY?

The app is free, for a start, which is more than many other movie streaming and download apps for say these days. Moreover, the latest version of YIFY Movie Browser is extremely easy to navigate and use. This makes searching for movies easier than ever before – you simply choose a category and explore through the different sub-genres like action/adventure, detective thriller, or slasher horror. The amount of content available is impressive to say the least and you certainly won’t be left without something to watch.

With YIFY, you can save all your downloads offline to watch when you don’t have an internet connection, making it ideal for traveling and for storing content on an external device (there’s still nothing quite like a hard drive full of movies).


While the app is on the Google Play Store and contains no copyrighted material, according to the developers, you still have to be careful when torrenting. The app cannot necessarily guarantee that there isn’t any copyrighted material on it and this is something that you should consider before downloading it. On top of this, torrenting can open up your device to threats from malware and hackers. This is certainly something of concern and you should never use an app like YIFY without antivirus installed on your device.

How to Download YIFY Movie Browser on Android

To get YIFY Movie Browser on Android, simply press the download button at the top of the page and you’ll be taken to Google Play Store where you can press “Install” and get to watching all the movies you want.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for what movies to watch, then check out the featured section on the app, or on the Top 250 Movies of All Time on IMDb, alternatively, you can check out agoodmovietowatch.com for independent movies that are highly rated and not well known. Once you’ve found something to watch, search it in the search field and chances are that it’s on YIFY Movie Browser. Enjoy!