Professional wrestling. You either love it or hate it. Regardless of your opinion, the guys at WWE have turned wrestling into a multi-billion dollar industry. Its presence in the U.S is huge, with a certain percentage of people believing it’s real, and the majority of viewers considering it the equivalent of your favorite soap opera – just with lot more backflips and broken tables.

We all know WWE isn’t real, but neither is your favorite fictional movie, or that Netflix original you’ve been streaming non-stop for the past week. Does that make these productions any less exciting? Hell no. In fact, where else do you get to see grown men and woman breaking furniture over each other in spandex while fighting for the world title. There are acting, action and drama – this is ultimately what has led to the success of the WWE.

Now we have the added enjoyment of playing as our favorite wrestlers in computer simulated match-ups. Wrestling Revolution 3D is inspired by the WWE Franchise and is a great way to supplement your time away from the T.V with more wrestling madness.

Wrestling Revolution 3D – WWE inspired game

Wrestling Revolution 3D apk is the one and only reigning champion of wrestling games. This is your chance to start a career as a wrestler or a coach. This game allows you to experience the industry from both sides if the curtain. It’s entirely free to play with the option to remove ads by signing up for a PRO account.

God mode also lets you pit immortal characters against each other in crazy matches with custom rules. The matches are as exciting as they come and a great way to spice up the game when you’re bored of standard wrestling matches.

Installing the game

To install Wrestling Revolution 3D to your Android device, you’ll first need to enable downloads from unknown sources to give your phone the green light to download this APK file. When that’s done, click Download to begin. When your APK file is downloaded, open the file and press install. When the installation is complete, feel free to delete the APK file to save room on your device. This won’t affect the gameplay in any way.

The bottom line

After testing this game thoroughly, I can safely say a lot of fun was had. Despite not being an avid wrestling fan, there’s something to be said for piledriving your opponent that is inherently satisfying. Wrestling Revolution 3D latest version is jam-packed with features and is very impressive overall. The endless customization options ensure you never run out of ridiculous ways to dress your wrestler and much like the WWE franchise, Wrestling Revolution has its own fan base and community that support the game while smashing each other to pieces in the virtual ring.

So what are you waiting for? These RKOs aren’t going to perform themselves, and I’m adamant that you’ve got nothing better to do with your life.  Download Wrestling Revolution latest version right now. Or else.