Anyone that has visited Asian countries like China or Japan will probably tell you about the Karaoke culture that has embedded itself in the social life of the people that live there. In the western world, karaoke is something you only get up to when you’ve had a few. However, in Asia, you’ll sometimes see people sitting in the park singing along to their favourite song. In an attempt to bring karaoke to your pocket, Wesing was created. This is the latest version of the application. Let’s take a look at what the app has in store for users.

The latest version of Wesing

Here is what you can expect when downloading the latest version of the application. A lot of the features have remained unchanged and just minor adjustments have been made. So what does the application have to offer you as a user?

The most notable feature of the application is that it isn’t just a karaoke application. The app includes some social features. One of these features is that users can record their songs and share them with friends and other users. The application is designed to bring people together with the power of song. You can practise in private or sing with a group of your friends. Record your songs and share them with the Wesing world for others to see.

In the latest version of the application, songs are updated daily. You’ll be able to find the latest hot songs without having to wait months on end for the developers of the app to wake up.  They really focus on keeping the app up-to-date. The latest version has some bug fixes because the developers are very responsive to criticism in reviews. The music catalogue on Wesing is huge. Therefore, you will never run out of songs to sing.

Dive into your fantasies and sing along with celebrities in the app’s duet feature. Record your performances and edit them with the application’s built-in editing tools. The tools allow users to add filters, change the sound, and add effects. After all, you want to look and sound your best when you post the video for the world to see.

Download the latest version of Wesing

Although the app isn’t available on Google Play Store, it is safe to use and download. Like mentioned above, the developers have a very hands-on approach to the application. Enable third-party downloads on your Android device and after that, you can simply click on the download button above. The button will take you to the page where you can get the latest version of Wesing.

If you like to express yourself in a shameless fashion, download Wesing and go out and sing in the streets. On the other hand, if you’re a bit shy but you still love to sing, you can enjoy the app in the privacy of your home. Invite friends and sing along. The application is great for parties or extreme boredom. Stop delaying and start singing with the latest version of Wesing.