Download VOOT to watch tons of movies, TV shows and live news feeds from the Colors TV Network – one of India’s biggest TV networks. VOOT has a massive selection of Bollywood hits, soap operas and more in various languages, including English, Hindi and more.

Not only this, but you can also watch live news from a wide selection of channels, including a CNN affiliated network from India. VOOT is great for anyone living in India, or working away from home looking for some familiar hits to relax after work or study.

On top of that, it’s great for anyone who wants to get more of an insight into the country’s massive film and TV industry. You can watch interviews with Bollywood stars, or other popular Indian public figures – you can even enjoy the best cartoons from the region.

Why Download VOOT – latest version?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Either, you want to watch movies, cartoons, news, documentaries, TV shows, and music videos from India, or you don’t download VOOT apk…

It’s something of a tailored app. Actually, if you’ve never been to India or been exposed to its media, then this can be quite fascinating. A good place to start is stand up comedy – a lot of it is in English, as more than 10% of the population of the country speaks English as their native tongue. That doesn’t sound like much until you remember that 10% of the Indian population is more than 100 million people.

So, if you want to get some insight into one of the world’s most booming regions, a spot where song, dance and drama are massive parts of the culture, and where colors are adorned in every aspect of life, then give this awesome app a try.

Features of the latest version of VOOT apk


Massive selection of movies, TV shows, news and more to watch. The app spans Viacom’s massive selection of network channels and features more than 50,000 hours of video.


The content is available in loads of languages including English, Hindi, Gujarati, and more. You can also view content with subtitles to ensure that everyone can enjoy as much content as possible.

Totally Free

All of this won’t cost you a penny. Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and this is the case with VOOT too: you’ll see some ads. But this shouldn’t be much of a concern seeing as you’re getting 50,000 hours of content for free.

VOOT Originals

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service that can make their own original content. VOOT has come up with its own original shows for your entertainment. This is testament to the fact that the app is a legitimate service and a real player in the Indian entertainment industry.

Download VOOT apk – latest version on Android

What are you still reading for? Surely you’ve seen enough at this point. Press the button at the top of this page to install VOOT app latest version onto your Android device, totally free, and get to watching exclusive content from the world’s most colorful region.