VidMate apk is a YouTube video downloader app for Android that allows you to save videos from YouTube and other social media websites offline onto your device.

This is an ideal app for anyone preparing for a long flight, train ride or bus journey. Although, saying that, it’s also just a great app in general for anyone looking to up their entertainment capacity.

YouTube video downloader apps have been popular ever since the video-sharing site was first launched. The early ones focused more on allowing users to rip MP3 files from the videos – and the latest version of VidMate apk keeps to this trend, while also allowing HD video downloads.

How to Use the Latest Version of VidMate apk

To use this awesome app, you’ll need to first allow your phone to download from unknown sources. This is because VidMate isn’t on Google Play – therefore, according to the Android OS, it isn’t an app that is recognizable to the device. Google owns YouTube, and YouTube doesn’t allow you to download copyrighted videos from the site. VidMate on the other hand, does allow you to do this, so it comes as no surprise that Google doesn’t allow want to publicize the app.

To download the latest version of VidMate apk, go to your device’s “Settings,” then navigate to “Security,” and check “Allow Unknown Sources.” Your device can now install any app that isn’t on the Play Store. To be fair to Android, this simple procedure gives its users a lot more freedom that say, iOS users, who have no option to download apps that don’t appear on the Apple App Store.

Once you’ve installed VidMate, you can open YouTube directly through the app, then search for a video, and press the download button in the corner. You’ll then be able to select the video quality (although, you can’t download in a higher quality than the original video), as well as the audio quality.

Once your download is complete, it’ll appear in the app’s downloaded videos section, as well as in your files on your device.

Why Should I Download VidMate?

These days, YouTube allows you to save a lot of its videos offline – probably to reduce the demand for video downloaders like VidMate. Having said that, the videos that they allow you to save are restricted to those without copyright protection (which means you can’t get most major music videos, for example).

With VidMate, you can freely download any video you want, for example, download Dailymotion videos, as well as save the audio of videos in MP3 format to listen to later.

This frees you up a lot. You can save funny videos, inspirational speeches, how-to guides on car repair, music videos, gaming videos, recipes, and just about anything else you could possibly think of. Sometimes, having some of these videos saved on your device can really help you out in a sticky situation.

Download the latest version of VidMate apk Free

To get this awesome app, simply press the button at the top of this article. If you’d rather shop around, then feel free to check out the rest of our YouTube video downloader apps for Android.