Have you been browsing Facebook lately? What’s one thing that strikes you on Facebook today? Compared to the old Facebook, the new one has a ton of videos running on our feeds. Youtube has become the most popular social media platform among young teens. The fact that streaming videos have become more than just a form of entertainment, is unsurprising when you look at the views Youtube stack up each day. Today people can use videos to share their thoughts and ideas with each other on the world’s largest social media site Facebook. The Video Downloader For Facebook is an easy way to save videos from Facebook onto your Android device.

How to use the application

The application is very simple and elementary to use. Once you open the application, there is a button to browse Facebook. You do not need the Facebook application to download videos through this app. The first time you use this function you’ll be asked to log into Facebook. This login process should be nothing new to you and is very easy to do. After logging in and entering the browse mode, you can click on any video that you find and an option will appear to download the video. You can then simply select yes or no. When you select yes the app will save the video on your Android device.

The application is safe to use and from a trusted source as you can find it on the Google Play Store. Signing in through the application should also not leave a shred of worry on your mind. The application does not share your information or password with any outside sources, therefore it is safe to log into your account using this application.

Best features


The application’s most notable feature is the simplicity of downloading videos from Facebook. You don’t need to be a high school graduate to figure out how to operate the application. The speed of the application is another thing to write home about. It’s so easy to download videos, it makes the process three times faster than similar applications that take more steps and make you go back and forth with links.


The application is totally free. Yes, you don’t have to pay a cent when using this handy little bit of programming. There are in-app purchases you can do to remove the ads, but the advertisements do not really bother us so much like in other apps. The ads do not hinder users while they download, so you can use it comfortably without spending money.

In-app browser

The in-app browser is the feature that makes the app what it is. Although the name of the application includes Facebook, this is not the only place that you can download videos from. The app is able to download from various websites.

In the end, there is no better bet to get vids off Facebook than the Video Downloader for Facebook. The app is easy to use and fast. Save your favourite videos from Facebook onto your Android device free of charge using this trusted application.