Feeling peckish, are you? Younger sibling to Uber has you covered, operating under the clever guise of Uber Eats. This initiative was launched back in 2014 and brought a whole new level of convenience to ordering food online. It’s really quite simple. Open the app, pick a restaurant and have a dedicated Uber driver deliver it to you in a matter of minutes while you trace him via GPS with hungry eyes.

Now operating in over 150 countries worldwide, many companies are following in Ubers footsteps, aiming to make food delivery cheaper and more convenient. But because Uber already had a solid infrastructure and track record of growth with their ride-sharing app, they were able to effectively market and spread this concept globally, with little risk of failure. Food is a big motivating factor in all our lives, whether we want to admit it or not. And Uber Eats latest version is the answer to your troubles.

Why choose Uber eats?

Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to food delivery. The majority of the western world is on board with Uber, as it slowly took preference over their more expensive taxi counterparts. The sweet spot regarding Uber Eats is its integration with the original app. Users don’t need to create a new account to have food delivered to their doorstep. Your existing Uber account will do, and existing Uber drivers will take on the task of delivering your sweet grub to you.

The app interface is simple to use, with hungry users choosing from a list of registered restaurants. When you’ve chosen from the menu on offer, you’ll be presented with a price for the meal and the delivery (which depends on how far the driver has to travel to reach you).

Once you’ve chosen from a range of food choices by category or in your area, placing the order will then let you track your driver on his way to you. This will allow you to anticipate his arrival while you slowly grow hungrier and more impatient, tracking your drivers every move. Here are a few reasons to download Uber Eats today:


2018 is all about convenience. We’ll do anything to make our lives that little bit easier. Being able to order from your phone without having to leave the sofa is a luxury that alone makes this app worth downloading.

Great rates

You can expect a fair price for your food and delivery when you use Uber Eats. Rates for delivery can range anywhere from $2.00 – $8.00 depending on distance, which is a fair price for yourself and the driver.

A range of choice

Uber Eats work hard to bring as many quality food vendors on board as possible, so you’re likely to be met with a decent range of choice when using the app. At the end of the day, businesses benefit from the extra revenue by partnering with Uber Eats.


Whatever you do, don’t leave your house next time you need a solid meal. Just download Uber Eats latest version instead and have the restaurant come to you.