Rooting your Android device provides many benefits. On top of that, anyone with any idea what they’re doing will tell you that it carries some level of risk as well. This is true and to root successfully you’ll need to use a trusted third-party software to perform the task. This is where TowelRoot apk comes through the door.

What is TowelRoot apk?

The latest version of TowelRoot apk for Android is one of the most trusted and efficient¬†tools for rooting your device. This is an important factor when choosing software to root your device – if something goes wrong, then you can risk bricking your phone/tablet, thus rendering it unusable. You have to make sure that you’re rooting with software that is popular and has a high success rate.

TowelRoot apk was created by a developer to solve the challenge of rooting the Galaxy Note 3 and the S5 – two phones that had a reputation as being ‘unrootable.’ A US$20,000 reward was offered for anyone who could provide a successful way to root these phones – TowelRoot was that solution.

The latest version of TowelRoot is totally free and provides a one-click way to root your device. One thing that is essential to know about TowelRoot apk is that unlike other one-click rooting software, you cannot unroot your device with TowelRoot. This means that your warranty on your device will be permanently voided – so you best hope your phone doesn’t break.

The app has mostly positive reviews, which separates it from many other rooting apps that people claim install spyware onto your device in the rooting process. One last thing, we have no idea why the developer chose the name’TowelRoot’ or what towels have to do with tech… your guess is as good as ours.

Why should you root?

If you’re still undecided whether or not to root your Android device, then don’t worry, most people are unsure in the beginning. If you’re just using your device for making calls and texting, then there isn’t really much point in rooting. If you want to get some cool apps that aren’t available on an unrooted device, or if you want to improve the functionality of your device, then rooting is definitely a good idea. Here are some of the benefits of rooting:

Battery life

By rooting, you can install apps that freeze all other apps on your device that aren’t open. This saves you massive amounts of battery life. You can also make changes to your CPU to make it run a little more or less to preserve even more battery or to drain it in order to process much faster.

Change the OS

Sick of Android? Replace it. You can choose to install a completely new operating system for your device – although, be careful, as you will lose the benefits of having an up-to-date security system in your OS.

To get one of the most trusted apps for rooting your Android, press the download button at the top of this page to install the latest version of TowelRoot apk now. Enjoy!