Any Tokoyo Drift fans here? Anyone? If you are, welcome to the perfect mobile game. Take a trip down memory lane and experience the closest thing you’ll get to the last good Fast and Furious movie (Just kidding… They were all pretty shit). The latest version of Torque Drift is available free-to-download on Android devices and makes for amazing fun.

What to expect from the latest version of Torque Drift

All the Fast and Furious jokes aside, the game actually has nothing to do with the franchise. In the game, you’ll start at the very bottom of the pecking order. It’s your job to work your way up the ladder through winning races and building a reputation. The latest version of the game uses real-life tracks that the pros race on. The game makes you feel like a true racer, in the sense that the sponsors are all real and the cars are as close to it as you can get.

The latest version of Torque Drift has two modes that you can speed around. The first is the career mode, in this mode, you build a reputation by completing races and building up your vehicle for better performance. The effort put into this game is simply breathtaking. The graphics are as realistic as good as they get when it comes to mobile gaming. The game will take a toll on your device if it’s not powerful enough to run it. Make sure your device can handle it or you won’t have a great experience. Who can drift with a lagging game? The physics is another reason the game takes up so much processing power. Pro racers have credited the game for doing an awesome job with the cars’ control.

In the second mode, you can test your skills against other players from around the world. See what all the time you’ve spent in the game actually means against others. The game includes real car parts from real sponsors for our die-hard racing fans that actually know what fuel injection¬†means.

Apart from the good physics the game has, the damage your car takes adds another level of realism. You need to repair the damage on your vehicle every time after a race or drift with a three-wheel hunk of junk. Panel beating isn’t the only thing that players can look forward to. The petrol heads especially will like the fine tuning feature in the game that allows you to choose the parts and appearance of the car.

Download the latest version of Torque Drift

The game is on the Google Play Store. This means it is safe to use on your Android device and there is no malware attached. Just tap the green download button on this page and you will be transported to the Play Store. There you can install the game free of charge on your Android device and race away. Torque Drift apk will provide you with a technological rush and immersive experience that you can’t get on many other games.