The latest version of Toon Blast is the perfect puzzle game for young children. If you’ve played this game and thought: “Wow this is too easy”. You are probably too old for it. Yes, this is a very unchallenging game if you’re a 35-year-old engineer. The game is a lot more interesting if you’re a 7 to 8-year-old child, however. Do you want to develop your child’s mental capabilities and do this in a way they think is fun? Toon Blast is the perfect application for the job. The puzzle solving aspect will build your child’s problem-solving skills, while the colourful interface and vibrant characters will entertain them.

Toon Blast’s latest version

In the latest version of Toon Blast, you’ll find a very simple yet entertaining game. The gameplay is very basic and even a child will get the hang of it in no time. It’s uncomplicated and simplified especially for the younglings. The pace of the game is slow and the pressure for failure is almost non-existent.  This means that the little one can play for a long period without getting too frustrated to close the game and stop playing. Keeping them interested in the game is important if you want them to develop the skill of solving puzzles.

The latest version also has a very pacifying soundtrack accompanied by satisfying sound effects as you play. The characters in the game are another plus for the kids. We all know how children love cartoons. From a smiling bear to a not-so-scary wolf, the characters look heartwarming and will give children a sense of security as they play through the levels.

There are more than 50 levels that can be played through in the latest version of Toon Blast. It will keep your children busy for quite a while. You as the parent or guardian of the child can motivate them by telling them to aim for the best possible score on each level. This way they can play through the levels more than once.

In-app purchases are present in the game. Make sure your mini devil doesn’t know how to operate your credit card or, like some parents, you might come across a nasty surprise on your bill at the end of the month.

Download and play Toon Blast’s latest version

Playing the game is super easy (I’ve made it clear why above). The game is a match-2 puzzle game. This means you only have to match two of the coloured blocks with each other and then watch them explode. Children love this game and parents love the fact that it’s beneficial for them. Downloading the game is even easier. Tap the download button above and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store. Being on the Play Store means that the application is trusted and malware-free. There is no cost involved in downloading and installing the app. Afterwards, you can just open and start playing the game. where else can you find an investment in your child’s future for no cost at all? Feel free to return to our website and rate the app after using it.