What would you do if stranded on an alien planet? I know what I would do. I would play the latest version of The Galaxy: Survivor. This new take on survival games places you in the shoes of an unlucky dude that’s all alone on a planet populated by all kinds of thing s that can kill him. The world around you is harsh and you’ll need to be tough to survive. It’s worth mentioning that the game is still in development, so you will encounter some problems for now. But rest assure the developers are working on it. here is what you can expect from the latest version of the game.


The main aim of the game is to survive on a hostile planet. On this planet, you need to gather resources by mining and farming. During the game, you need to constantly expand and improve your base of operations. Make sure your living quarters are secure from the dangers of the outside world. Craft new items like tools and weapons that will assist you in thriving on the planet.

Enter the multiplayer mode where you can fly out and explore four more planets. Each of these planets has their own unique ecosystem and threats to your survival. Discover more of this limited universe and meet other players that are trying to do the same.  Do you have what it takes to not only get by as a bottom-feeding organism at the bottom of the food chain but thrive as the master of the world?

Why download the latest version

Like mentioned above the developers are still busy with the game. They also seem to be very responsive to criticism and complaints. There are a few things that make this game worth the $2 that it costs.

First and most notable are the graphics of the game. I was blown away. Initially, I expected to be dropped into a game that was just something more than text-based. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The look of the game blew me away. The graphics look almost console like. This will, however, take a toll on your mobile device’s performance as it uses a lot of processing power.

The gameplay is as good as it gets with open world sandbox games. The game has all the right features in all the right places. The controls work great on a mobile device. Players won’t take long to not only get the hang of it but master them.

Download The Galaxy: Survivor latest version

The game is available on the Google Play Store and the fastest way to get there is through the green download button on this page. The game will cost you, but if you’re a fan of games like Rust and Minecraft, then The Galaxy: Survivor apk is the perfect game for you. It’s only $2 and you can expect more features later on. The application is a trusted one so don’t worry about any malware that might be attached. Google has already checked there aren’t any. What are you waiting for? Click the download button and put your survival skills to the test on an alien planet.