This handy application lets you stream TV shows for free. The application is designed to collect links across the internet and play them for you. This means the application takes care of most of the hard labour. The app is known for being fast and reliable. No wonder it’s so popular with all its users. Now you don’t have to search for a free streaming service or download a torrent because the app does the work for you. Terrarium TV is known for the quality of the video that they deliver to us. Watch your favourite shows in 4K and HD without hassle.

The popularity of Terrarium TV

Terrarium is popular because of a number of reasons. The first is it is free to download for Android devices. There is no money involved if you want to download and use the application. The application also boasts a massive amount of content for users to choose from. You’ll never hesitate on what shows to watch tonight ever again. The app has subtitles for movies and TV shows. For those of us who enjoy foreign cinema, but have yet had the time on our hands to learn another language, the subtitles are a very nice addition.

On the application, you have the choice to download the content to watch offline. A very helpful feature for the people that enjoy to travel and want to save on mobile data. Marking the episodes of TV shows that you’ve already watched makes it easy for us to remember where we are in a series. There will be no more of the skipping from episode to episode just to figure out where you were in the series. The application keeps up-to-date with the latest updates preventing bugs from causing problems for the viewers and getting in the way of users and their entertainment.

Terrarium TV possible troubles

How great the app might be overall, there are a few difficulties that the app has that concerns us. The first of these troubles is the fact that there might be piracy issues with the content that is streamed because it’s not regulated in any way. This has us uncertain for the future of the application with ISP’s and entertainment companies that can crack down on the application for copyright reasons. We would recommend using a VPN to protect yourself from this type of crackdown if it happens.

There is no way to remove ads from the application because there is no premium version that you can purchase which will remove the advertisements. Unfortunately, Terrarium TV apk has no live television that can be streamed. This sets it behind the competition. Other similar streaming applications have the option to stream live television.

How to download and install

Like most applications of this sort, you need to change the setting in the security section to allow unknown sources. Downloading the latest version of Terrarium TV, on the other hand, is as easy as tapping the “Download” button on the top of the page.

If you like to watch your favourite shows and movies for free, this is the app for you. Terrarium has its issues but its slick design and high quality of the video makes up for its faults.