You’re looking for a VPN to access block websites online? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sort of. A free VPN called SuperVPN does leave some raised eyebrows. Obviously, it’s not that super – but it is a VPN.

The thing is with free VPNs is that, like everything in life, you get what you pay for. With the latest version of SuperVPN, you get something pretty average for a free service. It’s useful for accessing blocked websites and it’ll ramp up your security on public WiFi connections. That being said, there isn’t much more you can comfortably use this VPN for.

In short, if you’re looking for a more open web, then this is an ideal app for you. If you’re looking for privacy, then you just have to bite the bullet and pay for a proper VPN.

Should you download SuperVPN?

Let’s take a closer look at this one. First of all, they’re a Chinese company that claims to have servers in the UK and the US, where they claim they securely store your data. They also so in their private policy that they don’t store your data, so already there’s some flip-flopping here…

One of the most important things to consider when using a VPN is how much data of yours they keep and what they do with it. It’s up to the company to use it how they see fit. With more trusted VPNs, you can count on the company not storing anything, but free VPNs… you have to wonder. Basically, how can a company give away its service for free and still be a company? In short, it can’t, so they have to make money some other way.

Considering there isn’t any information on the company itself, save for the developer’s address in Beijing, you have to wonder who they are and what they’re doing. Probably something with your data.

So, we’ve gathered that trusting SuperVPN with your privacy is pretty dumb. But then, that’s not the only reason to use a VPN. If you’re only planning on using it to access blocked websites (news, social media, flash games at work/school), then SuperVPN is going to do the trick.

Furthermore, while the encryption on SuperVPN isn’t disclosed (meaning it’s probably rubbish), it will still protect you on public WiFi networks. This is certainly a benefit in the app’s favor.

Finally, SuperVPN asks for more permissions from you that makes any sense. They require access to your contacts, your photos, your device history, and your identity. Quite bold for a VPN…

The Verdict

We wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole, but then, it can’t do much harm if you’re just using it for playing games at work or reading banned news. Ultimately, any free VPN is not going to provide you with privacy or high-level security. If you want that, then you’ll have to pay a premium.

If you want to get the latest version of SuperVPN apk to access blocked websites in your country, just press the download button at the top of this page.