Spotify premium is the undisputed king of the music streaming industry and can give you access to up to 40 million songs, free of charge. The monster music streaming app is arguably the most popular music streaming software, with millions of users worldwide and an ever-increasing fan base across dozens of countries.

The latest version of Spotify comes with up to 40 million songs, as well as ability to make playlists, share with friends and more. You can also use Spotify to discover new music and new releases by your favourite artists.

Download Spotify apk – latest version – now to have access to all these amazing features, plus tons of other cool ones.

Which Spotify is the Right One For You

Spotify apk comes in two versions: Free, which allows you to stream millions of songs, occasionally interrupted by adverts every few songs; and Premium, which allows you to save up to 10,000 songs offline and listen to music without ads.

If you’re on a budget, or just want to try the service out for a while, then we recommend you start with the free version. You’ll have to listen to an ad every now and then, plus you’ll need WiFi or data to listen to music, but you’ll also still be able to build playlists and share songs, as well as access personally tailored content and playlists based off of your listening history.

Generally speaking, the music app that a person uses for a couple of months ends up being their default one, as after around this amount of time you’ve already built up some personal playlists, and the service has got effective at recommending you genuinely accurate musicians that suit your tastes. You also would have gotten comfortable with the app’s interface and will fill familiar when using it.

For this reason, many people who try Spotify for free end up paying the $9.99 / month for a premium account. And for good reason. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

What’s special with Spotify premium latest version?

With the latest version of Spotify Premium apk, you get unlimited plays, skips and shares of all the songs in its massive library. You’re never interrupted with ads and you can save up to 10,000 songs offline for when you don’t have connectivity. All that for just $9.99 a month? That’s cheaper than the average CD!

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of Spotify – and music streaming apps in general. The greatness of them is by no means limited to this one Swedish company. Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Red, Soundcloud and many more – all of these services have given users total freedom over what they want to listen to. No longer do you have to stick to the albums you’ve bought, or claw through shady torrents online. Now, you can listen to all the music you want, whenever you want, totally free.

What’s better, you can connect with all your friends (if you want to, that is) and see what they’re listening to, or build collaborative playlists with them to constantly share each other’s favourite sounds.

Download the latest version of Spotify apk now to get your hands on the world’s number one music streaming app. Listen, love, share, repeat.