Soundcloud is one of the giant music streaming services active in the world today. Racking up more than 175 million downloads, the application is well known and respected. Unlike other music streaming services, Soundcloud enables artists to upload their work for free. On Soundcloud, users will be able to find hundreds of signed and unsigned artists alike. Soundcloud can be compared to Youtube in the music streaming service world. There are thousands of artists that users can follow and listen to without having to sign up or pay a subscription for. Soundcloud has even started the careers of some big artists like Skrillex.

Great features of Soundcloud

A large library of music

Soundcloud has a large variety of music in its arsenal. The app acts as a massive social media type of platform for artists to share their music and users to discover new content. The application has an amazing feature that assists users with discovering new artists. The application will suggest new artist and groups of similar genres to the users according to what they have listened to in the past. This makes it easier for users to discover new artists and this also helps upcoming artists to get more recognition.

If you’re one of the millions of people worldwide who claim to be suffering from OCD, Soundcloud has got you covered. In the app, you are able to sort your music under different labels. Your recent tracks are also grouped together for the forgetful ones among us, who never can remember the name of that song we listened to earlier.

More than a music store

Soundcloud is more than just a place to exhibit music. It has become a social media platform for artists. There are multiple ways users and artists can interact on the application. Users can leave comments on songs which is something that sets Soundcloud apart from competition like Spotify. There is also the option to make the music you’ve put into playlists available for others to listen to. You can share music on Soundcloud with a wide selection of social media sites like Facebook. Users and artists can send each other direct messages. This is a great way to communicate with friends and followers over things that concern Soundcloud.

Soundcloud is one of the best platforms for new artists because of the services it provides them. Each account has 3 album uploads that it can use. After the third album, however, the user will have to sign up for a Pro account. Soundcloud also has a blog where everything music and Soundcloud related are discussed. The platform also has a space for our podcast creators and lovers.

In the end

Soundcloud is indisputably one of the music application giants of the modern age. It’s a great place to find your favorite artists and discover new ones. Up-and-coming artists can easily share their work and may even be picked up by a major label if they’re lucky. The only downside to the application is that in the free version there are a huge amount of ads. But this can be expected from any free music sharing app.