In today’s world everyone wants to watch movies online for free, right? There are so many websites and apps dedicated to this very purpose that it’s practically impossible to honestly raise your hand and say “I’ve never used one of those before.” Now, the entertainment industry is finally catching on to the fact that no amount of bans from ISPs, governments, or any other medium will stop the growth of free online streaming. In response, services like Netflix and Hulu have opted to provide users with comprehensive streaming services for a reasonable price (less than the cost of a single DVD, in fact). But where there’s any amount of money involved, some people just won’t budge.

Sony decided to take a different approach. Armed with the knowledge that there are millions of teenagers around the world who want to watch stuff online but don’t have a source of income to buy Netflix, alongside millions of more people who simply don’t have the money to spare to pay for a monthly subscription to a TV service, they made Crackle.

Sony Crackle takes a totally new and different approach to online streaming. It’s free. And it’s legal.

What is Sony Crackle? 

Let that last sentence digest for a moment – yes, this is owned by the tech giant Sony and yes it is free. The legal streaming service uses ad breaks to fund itself and in return, you get to watch movies online for free without ripping off the entertainment industry, breaking copyright laws, and having to deal with broken links and buffering.

The latest version of Sony Crackle apk doesn’t have access to everything, of course. They have to make do with the movies that they have the rights for, as well as those of production studios that have partnered with them, but this is still quite a formidable number of movies.

Few other apps out there can provide what the latest version of Crackle has to offer. The app has a seamless interface that makes finding the right movie to watch an easy experience. You can search directly for your film, or you can use the categories to find something that fits the mood you’re looking for.

Sony Crackle vs Netflix

We had to include something about the streaming giant, didn’t we? Well, obviously Netflix has more content, although Sony Crackle still has some impressive titles. If you’re considering which one to use and you’re willing to pay for a Netflix subscription, then obviously go for that. However, even if you use Netflix or Hulu, having Sony Crackle on your Android is still worth it. It’s totally free and you can use it on the go, so why not also download this app?

To get the full experience, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can download the latest version of Sony Crackle apk for Android, totally free. Jump into the action and get some awesome movies for free now with Crackle. Enjoy!