Shadow Fight 2 for Android is a Mortal Kombat style 2D fighting game with realistic physics and beautiful graphics. The characters in the game are silhouettes, placed against a variety of detailed, zen-like backdrops that contrast wonderfully with the fighting on the screen.

This game is a sequel to the successful original that appeared on Facebook. It’s a freemium game, meaning that while you can play for free for a while, eventually you’ll run out of free play for the day, or have to watch an ad.

There are multiple worlds to explore on your quest to shut the gates of shadow and stop evil from overwhelming the world.

Explore Shadow Fight 2 – Latest Version

You play as Shadow – once the greatest warrior in all the land, who none could stand up against and defeat. In this, he became frustrated, and longed for a worthy opponent. So, he set about on a journey to the bottom of the oceans and beyond, seeking this enemy, where he found a chest. Upon opening this Pandora’s Box, he awakened a darkness so powerful that not even he could stop, and he was forever cursed, forced to live as a shadow.

Now he is on a mission to fight his way through the underworld and defeat the powerful enemies that he awoke – one by one. You must journey across different worlds in this shady underworld, and find the Gates of Shadow that you opened, and close them, once and for all.

You’ll have to fight your way through various minions to get to the bosses, and then, be in for a challenge like no other. You’ll need to level up your character and purchase new and improved weapons with either cash or gems – the in-game super currency.

You can buy these with real money, or you can fight in tournament mode to earn cash, as well as survival mode. This is essential to beat the bosses and therefore progress to the next level.

Best Features:


The physics in Shadow Fight 2 latest version are stunningly real. The fighting looks effortless and elegant as the player glides, slides, kicks and punches their way through opponents. The engine running the game makes it vividly appealing to players.


You can fight against hundreds of opponents in a Mortal Kombat style. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t yet support PvP mode. This is off as it would clearly be a massive plus to have it.


The design of the game is beautiful. The silhouettes fighting against zen-like backdrops of forests, deserts, and snowy Japanese architecture, accompanied by soothing music, makes this game truly unique and atmospheric.


The game doesn’t cost any money, although your play time on the free version is limited to so many fights per day. The next day you can continue – or you can watch an ad to continue fighting.

Download Shadow Fight 2 latest version free on Android

To get the game, simply press the button at the top of the page and it will install. This is a great way to kill some time and let you unwind on your break or on your commute. Try it now.