Anime is a one-of-a-kind production. Its storylines are immense in detailing and creativity, the characters are rich in personality and the animation itself is unique and stunning to watch. Not to mention the soundtracks compliment the shows like a fine Pinot Noir to your bolognese. The Anime kingdom is inconceivably vast and neverending, with new shows being released constantly. So what’s the next step for Anime lovers who want to branch out and completely immerse themselves in all things Otaku? Anime based games of course.

Your standard mobile games can become boring and repetitive, with users often having to download and delete several before coming across one they thoroughly. It often seems like developers are looking at the success around them and attempting to cop the same blueprint, resulting in a slew of games that mimic each other in hopes of making a few quick bucks. QooApp latest version promises to change that, with a vast array of Asian games that are developed for the love of creativity.

What is QooApp?

QooApp is an app that gives you access to thousands of games that are based on or inspired by Anime and Manga culture, with storylines and graphics that follow the same unique style found in the most popular shows. Naruto, Dragonball, and One Piece are just some of the big names you can expect to find here, among hundreds of other original lesser-known names.

Stretching beyond games, QooApp latest version also provides a large Manga selection. It was funded by Alibaba back in March 2018, which can only be a positive testament to the platform. There are over 20 million QooApp users worldwide, and this number is growing day by day.

You see, one of the greatest advantages you have as an Android user is the ability to download apps and games from sources other than the Play Store. This is a benefit Apple users simply don’t have, and it goes without saying one should always be looking to third parties to find unique software developments. Just make sure you stay safe and do your research before downloading the entirety of the web onto your device.

Recommended QooApp games

Because the selection of games on QooApp can be overwhelming, these are a good place to start you on your journey of no return. We guarantee by the time you’re done you’ll have wiped your hands with Google Play.

Ares Virus

Doomsday in the city means one thing, survival. Fight against a deadly virus in this 2D RPG, slay monsters and complete missions to ensure you live to see another day. Wits are essential to outlive the impending doom that zombies bring to your once peaceful world.

My Child Lebensborn

My Child Lebensborn is a unique concept that is set in WW2. After adopting an orphan child, you must raise him to be a stable child with morality in a grim and disturbing war setting that seems to be shrouded in darkness. The game interestingly sheds light on real issues faced during bleak periods of war.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Assasins Creed hits mobile for the first time in Rebellion, with modified graphics that are as cute as they come. Unite against oppression with fellow assassins and move up the ranks.

Download QooApp latest version today if you’re sick and tired of bog-standard puzzle games and Candy Crush-esque devlopments taking up space on your device.