Player Unknown Battleground is probably the most popular battle royale game out on the market today. Leading the new wave of the genre into our era, PUBG set the standards of battle royale games worldwide. The game is a massive multiplayer online game. Pitching 100 players against each other in a ferocious fight to the death. PUBG Mobile brings this experience straight to your pocket.

Short overview

PUBG had its full release on the 20th of December 2017 by the Korean PUBG corporation. In 2018 a mobile version was launched by Tencent Games in cooperation with the PUBG corporation. Due mainly to the huge popularity of the desktop and console versions, PUBG mobile received tons of attention from the get-go. However, the success of the mobile game is completely deserved. In an amazing feat of video game design, the design team of PUBG mobile managed to make the game almost identical to the desktop/console version. The graphics are outstanding and the gameplay is gripping and fun.

What goes down in PUBG?

In short, PUBG is kill or be killed. All 100 players start the game in a single plane flying in a straight line over the map. They can choose when to jump out and parachute to their desired location on the map. Once the first feet touch the ground, the fight for survival begins. Players start with no equipment and have to scavenge in order to survive. The first 5 minutes of the game tend to be the most chaotic. Fist fights are a common sight in the very early stages of the game when players land in the same area searching for starting gear.

The aim of the game is to be the last person or team alive. You have the choice to go at it alone, with a friend or you can form a squad with up to 4 players. In order to make the lives of campers (players who sit in a single spot the entire game) a little bit more inconvenient, PUBG has a clever little feature concerning the playing area. Every few minutes the playing area becomes smaller.

A circle will randomly appear on the map, indicating where the playable area will be. From then on, the circle will gradually become smaller. In the game, players can see the circle as a blue force field type of wall. If players find themselves outside the playable area, their health will slowly be eaten away by an invisible force until they re-enter the safe zone. Thus the safe zone increases the chances of players encountering one another on the battlefield as the game progresses and more players die. Eventually, the safe zone will be so small that the last players will have no choice than to confront each other and settle their leaderboard based disagreements.

In conclusion

PUBG Mobile is a great adaption of the desktop/console version. The design of the game is simply mind-blowing. The control of the game runs smooth, the graphics are great, and the gameplay is more than fun. It is intense. Don’t just take my word, or that of more than 10 million other players worldwide, for it. Download PUBG Mobile latest version and find out for yourself.