Art and coloring apps have been gaining huge popularity among app enthusiasts as of late, with more and more people turning to creative avenues to chill out and relax after long days of laboring in analytical roles at work. Pixel Art is certainly no exception. This clever little app lets you color by numbers and create cute artwork without having to think too hard. One awesome feature of this app is that it also lets you upload your own photos then color them in to pixelate and stylize your favorite moments. The app is hugely popular among adults and kids alike, a true testament to the simple but effective nature of its design.

Reasons to download Pixel Art latest version

Cute graphics

The cute pixelated block graphics are reminiscent of old-school video games and bring a cool, retro, nostalgic feel to the experience. We have no doubt you’ll be so impressed with your tiny minecraft-esque creations you’ll be sharing them with your friends in no time.

Fun sounds

Not just fun visuals, but fun sounds too? Is there anything this app can’t do? We all love bleeps and bloops while playing games – there’s just something inherently addictive and rewarding about such trivialities. Pixel Art latest version lives up to the mark in this regard and is sure to keep you bleeping and bopping away for hours.

Personalize your own images

As mentioned earlier, you can upload photos from your camera roll and spice them up with Pixel Art latest version for hours of endless fun. We recommend recreating photos of your loved ones by turning them into menacing little block-like creatures of terror and plastering it all over their Facebook wall.

Share with friends

We understand better than anyone that if you didn’t share it with your peers, it didn’t really happen. Pixel Art lets you share your tiny creations across multiple social platforms so you can finally make the announcement to pursue a career in fine arts to your loved ones with true piece of mind. We at top1apk, however, are not responsible for the success or failure of any individual.

Downloading Pixel Art latest version

As with any free APK on this awesome site, it all starts with hitting that big green ‘Download’ button located at the top of this review. This will redirect you to the Google Play store so you can rest assured you’re getting a safe, malware-free download. When you get there, click install to start downloading this free app. Just bear in mind that due to its free nature, this game does contain some ads to supplement the developers, allowing them to bring this to us free in all its pixelated glory.

When it comes to coloring games, there’s not much that trumps this one in terms of simplicity, originality and just good old fashioned downright fun. So go ahead and download Pixel Art latest version today for a step backward in time before 3D graphics and lifelike art was cool. This one’s for all the retro kids out there. Enjoy.