In the social media centered world we live in today, it’s of utmost importance to look good. 80% of our lives revolve around social media (please note that stats like these come directly from my thumb). We take pictures of everything, our food, our pets, our homes, our travels and ourselves. Making sure our posts look the best they possibly can, in order to show people how depressingly good life is at the moment, is crucial. Picture editing applications have become very popular on mobile devices. We have the need to edit photo’s on the spot, so we can post them as soon as possible.

What is PicsArt

PicsArt is the most popular mobile photo editing application that’s available for download at the moment. The application brings users the comfort of editing pictures where ever you are. Users can now quickly and easily edit pictures and post them online just mere minutes after they have been taken. PicsArt has a wide range of features that can make your pictures look the way you want them to.

Features of PicsArt latest version

PicsArt includes most of the features you would normally encounter in a photo editing application. Adding filters, cropping the images etc. There is even more than just editing pictures that the PicsArt application has to offer.

Create stickers

In other editing apps, you have the ability to senselessly bombard your photo with stickers. In PicsArt however, you have the ability to create your own stickers. Use any picture you want and cut out the part you want to be converted into a sticker.


The PicsArt application has a vibrant community where users can interact with one another and share ideas. Users can see each other’s creations and even add their own flair to it if they want.

Remixing community photos

The latest version of PicsArt has created a community where users can share their creations with others. The application allows users to take pictures from the community and edit them as they please. This feature adds another dimension to the application and makes it unique.


The PicsArt community has competitions and daily challenges where users can put their photo editing skills to the test.

PicsArt Gold

For those who really mobile photo editing and want to go pro. There is Picsart Gold. This is the premium version of the app that adds even more features to the already booming application.

In conclusion

The PicsArt application is great for serious picture editing and letting your creativity flow by just having some fun. The community makes PicsArt a great place to gain some experience and have an affordable hobby at the same time. The challenges and contests give the application an extra layer and provide a platform where you can show the world your best Instagram photo editing skills. PicsArt loves giving users the freedom of creativity and being able to create your own stickers is one of the features that stand out. PicsArt Gold adds more depth to the application for those who want to swipe their mother’s credit cards. If you’re serious about social media, in search of a fun hobby or simply just want your pictures to look nice, PicsArt is a great free way to start.