The latest version of NBA 2K19 brings all the basketball action to your mobile device. This is the best instalment of the series to date. The game has improved immensely from the last one. Basketball fans will not be disappointed with 2K’s take on the NBA  in 2019. There are a lot of features that have been added or improved. Let’s take a look at what the latest version of NBA 2K19 has to offer players.

Improvements in NBA 2K19

There are tons of improvements that have been made in the game, I almost don’t know where to start. You’ll see that they built on the previous game in this latest version. Some of the features have been removed and some have been improved. The first thing you’ll see is that the glitches have been ironed out to provide players with smoother gameplay. In order to give the game a more realistic feel, the AI has been sharpened. They now react better to a player’s tactics. Player’s won’t find it so easy to run around the AI’s defence.

Another great improvement of the game is the Neighborhood function. This permits the player to roam around in an open world setting where they can interact with others. While running through the neighbourhood, players can play on local courts, customize their characters and take part in all sorts of mini-games.

Upgrading your characters is no longer achievable by paying. Players must now level up the old fashioned way, by playing the game. This might seem alien in today’s world with the state games are in. But yeah, NBA 2K19 wants you to experience the game.

Notable features of the game

The graphics is yet another amazing aspect of the game. For a game on a mobile device, the graphics do not try to shy away. The player models look great. Well, the most popular players. Some of the lesser known NBA stars do not resemble their models in the game. I wish the developers would just put a bit more effort in details like these, just to give the game a more rounded feeling. Nevertheless, the famous players look amazing and a lot of detail has been put into their models.

The physics of the game has gotten vastly better in the latest version of NBA 2K19. Contact between players feel real and shooting for the net has become easier when contested. The game now enables short people to feel like they really can be basketball stars.

Download the latest version of NBA 2K19

Like mentioned in the beginning, NBA 2K19 for Android is the best in the series to date. Therefore, any die-hard basketball fan will enjoy having their favourite sport and players in the palm of their hands. Downloading the game is as easy as pressing the green download button above. The button will take you to the Google Play Store. The game costs $7.99 which is nothing for a real NBA fan. The fact that the application is on the Play Store means that it’s malware free and trusted by the almighty Google itself. Start your mobile basketball career today.