Online shopping has given us another excuse to stay indoors and get even fatter. Why would you want to take a nice drive to the mall with the family on a Saturday when you can all avoid socialising and stay in your rooms. All joking (and truth) aside, online shopping has made our lives a lot easier. While you slave away at work, a drone from Amazon can drop something at your doorstep. Needless to say, the online shopping market has become very competitive. Myntra is a large online shopping business that hails from Bengaluru in India. This is the latest version of their application.

Myntra latest version in a nutshell

Like mentioned above Myntra is an online shopping application that allows users to browse a wide variety of products. The app mainly focuses on clothing but there is even a section for some household stuff like curtains, linen and towels. Nice, isn’t it?

Myntra likes to keep its customers satisfied and want them to come back for more. Therefore, they have a guarantee that their products are 100% what they say they are and there is a 30-day refund or exchange period. Myntra also sports a secure payment method in order to ensure that their clients’ information is protected.

Some of the great features that you’ll encounter in Myntra will show you why this is one of India’s leading online shopping companies. The first most notable feature of the app is the massive collection of goods they have available for purchase. Myntra has over half a million different products for sale. That’s a lot of browsing if you ask me. Browsing through all the content is entertainment in itself.

Finding what you’re looking for in this app will be impossible if it wasn’t for the great filtering system that the latest version has. Using the filtering system is very straightforward, yet super effective. Now you can narrow the search for your object down to more than just “Men”, “Women”, “Kids”, and “Home”. Yes, now that I’m mentioning them, these are the main categories that you’ll find on the application. This isn’t just clothes. Users can buy accessories, makeup and perfume as well here.

Download the latest version of Myntra

Downloading the latest version of the application is as easy as pressing the download button on this page. The app has over 500 million downloads and an average rating of 4 stars on the Play Store. That’s quite impressive considering I only heard about the app recently. The app is also very small in size, only taking up 11mb for a download.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can create an account with either Google or Facebook if you don’t have time to fill in all the unnecessary BS. Overall, the latest version of the Myntra app works great. It doesn’t take up space, the payments are secure, and you can buy authentic Indian clothes on this application. If you have an account it is also worth mentioning that the shipping is free.