When it comes to puzzle games, Monument Valley 2 stands at the top of the pile. This game is one of the most appreciated releases in recent years due to its beautiful graphics, engrossing gameplay and optical illusions to pitter-patter Princess Ida through on her quest home.

The game is set in a surreal world full of architecture based on optical illusions, your mission is to make your way through puzzles that will challenge you to think outside the box. As the Princess, Ida makes her way through each puzzle, she’ll have to avoid the Crow People (although they won’t actually hurt you, they’ll just get in the way).

The latest version of Monument Valley 2 is a comfortable upgrade from the previous version, offering therapeutic gameplay, relaxing music, and simple puzzles that won’t burst a vein in your forehead.


Beautiful 3D graphics

It’s hard to play Monument Valley 2 and not get totally engrossed in the simplicity of its gameplay. The challenges aren’t meant to be really difficult – rather, they’re meant to be fun to play. The developers have done a great job in putting the game together in this way and it’s a real pleasure to play as a result.


The soft and soothing music is just as pleasant as the smooth graphics – it’ll make spending ten minutes on the latest version of Monument Valley 2 a relaxing and calming experience.


If you’re someone who really wants something different, then this is a game worth considering. The puzzles are built around optical illusions, which will trip you out a little bit – you’ll have to move your phone around to explore different angles so find routes that you otherwise wouldn’t have even noticed. You’ll actually be surprised at what you might not have noticed before.


Don’t worry if you’ve never played the previous title in the series, you can play this game within itself thanks to its original gameplay.


The game is remarkably creative, to the point where it’s actually inspiring. The game has no real end-goal beyond solving the puzzles. Its simplicity and the pleasant gameplay are enough in themselves to keep this game alive.

Download the latest version of Monument Valley 2 on Android

To get this beautiful game for free on Android, simply press the button at the top of this page and you’ll be redirected to Google Play Store – it’s $3.99 to purchase, but the money is totally worth it if you’re looking for some great fun to have in your free time.

Tips for playing

  • Make sure you suss out the map before engaging in solving it – this will save you a lot of time and running around in circles!
  • Move your phone around – from different angles the map will reveal different routes.
  • Watch the path the crow people are taking: sometimes their path reveals a lot about the map itself.
  • Explore the levers and buttons. They have unique functions that will either help you solve the puzzle of stop the crow people.