Humans are distinct thanks to a little thing we call imagination. To this day it seems that we are the only species on earth that possess this unique ability. Our imagination enables us to come up with and execute amazing ideas way faster than the other species. This is partly why we are so much more evolved than the others. It’s important for us to express our inner thoughts in some way. This shows in our art, literature and video games. The release of Minecraft paved the way of a whole new gaming genre.

The block building genre has expanded since Minecraft saw the light of day. Games like Roblox have profited from the success of Minecraft and others also saw the gap in the gaming industry. Mini World Block Art is another game riding the wave started by Minecraft. The game even features much of the same aspects.

Gameplay and interface

Mini World Art latest version is a mobile game that has multiple game modes. The modes cater to different needs of gamers. It all depends on what you want from the game. The first game mode is very similar to the Minecraft game mode. In survival mode, you need to build shelter, collect supplies and craft tools. After upgrading your weapons you’ll be able to enter dungeons and challenge monsters. You can choose to do this alone or in a group of friends.

In creation, mode players have the freedom to build to their heart’s content. The extensive in-game world is your playground and you can build anything that comes to your imagination. The game mode is great for children as it expands their creativity and helps teach them to think outside the box. In creation mode, players have various blocks and objects to choose from. With these blocks and objects, they can build whatever they want, wherever they want.

Mini-games is the last, but not least mode that players can enjoy. The mini-games range from parkour courses to RPG games. Players can also create their own mini-games thanks to the in-game editor and share these games with other players around the world.

The interface of the game can be somewhat of a bitch sometimes but does the job overall. It takes some time to get used to the controls but seasoned mobile gamers will have it under control in no time.

Download and play Mini World Block Art latest version

To download Mini World Block Art latest version the only thing that might be a hurdle is the setting to allow third-party downloads. In your Android’s settings, you need to change the setting to allow downloads from unknown sources. After that, you just press the green download button above and you’re good to go. The game is very fun overall but it feels like it’s targeted to younger children, which is fine. The game will benefit smaller children in aspects such as free thinking and problem-solving. If your not a child but a Minecraft fan nonetheless, I would recommend playing Minecraft instead. The game might be alright but it feels too much like a Minecraft copy.