Merge Dragons is a fresh take on merging puzzle games. In this game, you need to merge three objects instead of the usual two of the traditional games of this genre. This style makes it possible for more possibilities than you would normally have in such a game. Help heal the land from a mystical fog that poisons the land of Dragonia. You as the player need to merge objects and explore the land in order to restore it to the healthy state it once was before the fog came and corrupted it.

What makes Merge Dragons fun?

There are a few things that make Merge Dragons stand out from the other puzzle games. One of the things that draw attention is how you explore the land. As you solve puzzles and unlock items, on smaller maps, you can merge dragons to create more powerful dragons and explore the affected land.  the graphics of the game might seem a little bit too cartoonish at first but after a while, you as a player will get used to it. The graphics are anyways overshadowed by the gameplay that’s intriguing and fun.

This next point might sound stupid at first, but don’t judge unless you’ve tried the game. There is something about the sounds of the game that make them really satisfying. Hearing the bing and cash sounds is soothing to the ear and boosts the addictive aspect of the game to keep us playing.

The game is free to play and has one secret weapon in its arsenal that most other free-to-play games lack. What’s the one thing in a free-to-play game that gets everyone’s blood boiling? Advertisements. Merge Dragons doesn’t try to smother you with a relentless bombardment of ads, which earns it a lot of respect in my eyes.  There is a store where players can buy various items and you can pay to speed up the resting time of your Dragons. Yes, it’s still very sad to see that games have become a pay-to-win type of programs. On the bright side, this game isn’t that heavy on this aspect and one of the more respectable competitors in the run.

How to play Merge Dragons

As said before Merge Dragons play out in the fictional world (obviously) of Dragonia. here an evil mist has taken hold of the landscape. Your mission as a player is to cleanse Dragonia of the horrible mist and return it to its former inhabitable state where the dragons can live healthy lives. The best advice we can give you is to hatch dragons in the beginning stages to explore and restore the land. Once you’ve used the dragons to get more space, you can expand your camp and move onwards from there. If you have 3 dragons you can merge them to create even stronger dragons.

Download and play Merge Dragons

The game has so many options of items to merge that create new items to use. This contributes to the addictiveness of the game and keeps us playing. The fact that the game has no ads is a huge benefit and one big reason why we recommend this game to the puzzle lovers. Merge Dragons is interesting, fun and worth a try at least even if this doesn’t sound like your type of game. It might surprise you.