If you’re looking for a “find the object” game, you’re in the wrong place. The title might seem a bit misleading at first. I thought it was one of those mystery-solving games where you need to find certain objects in a house. The latest version of Matchington  Mansion is, in fact, a match-3  puzzle game. The game comes across as a Candy Crush clone. In the sense that you play the game by matching 3 pieces of candy. Instead, the game has its own playstyle that makes it unique. In this game, you are motivated by a mansion that you need to build and furnish.

The gameplay of Matchington Manion’s latest version

You need to match 3 pieces of candy to make them explode. The latest version of Matchington Manion apk will set a target for you as the player to achieve in order to complete the level. As you progress, the levels will increase in difficulty and you’ll earn stars as well as coins. With these coins. you will be able to upgrade your mansion and add more or better furniture. The higher you go up the levels, the more candy you will discover. Some of the candy will unleash epic combos.

The mansion is both the motivation for you to earn as many stars and coins and also to unlock more of the story. The story centres around you (the player) that has just inherited a mansion from a deceased family member. In the game’s story, you will encounter multiple jealous relatives. Some of them will even try to trash the place from time to time. If you ask me, the developers could have added a fighting section to the game. There is this one cousin in the game that deserves a Mortal Combat fatality. Nevertheless, they prove to be quite the irritation from time to time.

The game does have something that closely relates to a mystery game, but not quite. As you progress through the levels, you will uncover more and more of your dead relative’s secrets. It turns out to be more like a drama instead of a mystery story. You just get to read and hear about the things that went down in their love life and life in general. If you’re a young to a middle-aged girl, this might keep you busy for a while.

In the latest version of Matchington Mansion, you can visit the mansion of your friends and see what they did to it. Like in real life, you can try to design yours better and rub it in their face at a dinner party. This way you can incorporate drama from the game into your own life.

Download the latest version of Matchington Mansion

Downloading the game is as easy as clicking on the green button above. after you’ve used the game, swing by here to rate the game and find other great ones. The button will take you to Google Play Store where you can install the app for free on your Android device. There are some in-app purchases that allow users to get more coins for their mansions. Download the latest version now and start your journey into puzzle solving drama.