We all have imagined how cool our lives would be if it had a soundtrack. With the latest version of Lomotif Music Video Editor, you can do exactly that. Show your Instagram followers how you eat steak to the tune of Hungry Hippos. Who let the dogs out? You did. That’s why the song is playing in the video of your dog on the beach. The application is very basic in design and is very easy to use. With the latest version of this application, you’ll be able to stitch videos together effortlessly.

Why you need the latest version of Lomotif

The main reason why the application is so great is the sheer simplicity behind the design of the application. Once you’ve downloaded the application there is no sign-up required. You can just jump in straight away and just start adding background music to your precious memories.

The application still has a 30-second cap on videos which is a minor inconvenience but assists in the fact that you can put out new videos at the speed of light. There are various ways you can edit videos and add sound to them.

The first of these are just by adding videos and trimming them. Afterwards, you just add a track of your choice and boom! You’re good to go. Add filters to your videos from a wide selection to choose from. You can also find videos on the app that you can edit or just take your own.

If you like to create slideshows, the application has got you covered. Take your memories from an important trip and give it some spice with Lomotif Music Video Editor. Make an inspirational video from pictures you found online and add a very sad song to it. Whatever you like to do with slideshows, use this app to add it together and put some music in the background.

Download the latest version

Like mentioned above, the application is free to download and requires no subscription or even account to function. Sign-ups are always one of the largest time-consuming BS parts of applications. On this app, you skip all that nonsense and threat of spam emails that remind you to use the application daily. This garbage usually just fill up your inbox and you end up missing important emails.

By pressing the download button above, you’ll end up on the Google Play Store. This means the application is safe to use and free of any malware. The huge internet company scandals that have popped up recently aside, I believe we can trust Google’s judgment on the latest version of Lomotif.

Add some music to your life and share it on multiple social media sites with the click of a button. The Lomotif Music Video Editing application is easy to use and fast altogether. This is definitely the app for amateur social media buffs. On the other hand, the app won’t work so great if you’re an up-and-coming artist or band. Despite the misleading name, the app does add music to videos. In short, it gets the job done.