If you’ve been looking through tech forums, or just have a friend that knows a thing or two about Android (or if you are that friend), then you’ve probably heard of ‘rooting’ your device. This is where you install some third-party software to unlock your phone (the same as jailbreaking for iPhone) so that you can have administrator access to the device and thus make adjustments that Android would usually not let you do. Download the latest version of Kingroot apk to easily root your Android.

Why root your Android?

There are some serious benefits to rooting your device, although they come with a set of risks (that include bricking your phone, thus making it unusable). First of all, if you’re rooting your Android device, then you will be able to delete any apps that usually cannot be removed from your phone – these apps take up a fair bit of data and are generally pointless. You can also install anything that you usually wouldn’t be allowed to install.

On top of this, you can customize the operating system and go as far as installing a completely custom OS that will fundamentally change the way that your phone’s interface looks and works. It’s worth pointing out now rather than later that if you’re going to do this then you had better know a thing or two about how the phone’s OS works. While you can do some cool geeky stuff by rooting your device, it helps if you actually are geeky and know what you’re doing so that you don’t accidentally render your phone a brick.

It’s not to say that you can’t use the Android operating system if you root your phone, in fact, in some cases you can get updates earlier than you’d usually be able to (seeing as Android releases some updates at different times on different devices).

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Risks of rooting your Android

If you root your Android device, you won’t be able to claim a warranty in the event that your phone breaks (including if you break it by trying to root it). This is another point to consider, while it is a rare occurrence, you can destroy your phone while attempting to root it. There are ways to safeguard this, but sometimes it just happens, so be prepared for that. It’s very important that you don’t restart your Android or turn it off while rooting – this WILL brick your phone. So make sure it’s fully charged before you root.

Once your device is rooted, you can use it however you want, which does mean that you can use it to hack. This is the darker side of rooting and it’s worth mentioning that if you can hack then others can also hack you. So, again, make sure you actually know what you’re doing if you’re going to take this path.

How to root your Android

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