If you thought you needed some super advanced alien tech to make cool edits with your video footage, you need to re-evaluate your stance in society, my friend. There certainly was a time when advanced software was needed to perform the most trivial of actions, but this is the 21st century. What once required computers the size of a blue whale now fits into the palm of your hand. I’m talking about mobile apps that perform functions we couldn’t comprehend a mere 10 years ago. One such app goes by the name of KineMaster, and as a video content creator, it’s all you’ll ever need.

We’re living in a period where relatively advanced video editing functions can be performed with a few clicks and swipes, in the palm of our hands. While there is an abundance of apps that claim they can help you with everything from cutting and splicing to ultra smooth transitions, KineMaster stands out among the rest. By the time you’ve finished this review of KineMaster latest version, it will already be in your repertoire.

What is KineMaster?

KineMaster makes some big claims, backing themselves as the only fully fledged video editor available for Android with professional features. A big statement no doubt, but possibly valid considering the solid range of features they offer with the latest version of this app. I’m talking about functions like¬†supporting several layers of video and images, text, and also super accurate cutting and trimming. Not to mention multi-track audio, extensive color filters, 3D slide transitions, and a range of other features to spice up your footage.

Interestingly, KineMaster claims that their app is used by YouTube stars and journalists around the globe, and it doesn’t surprise us after learning first hand just how comprehensive this app is. The feature list is rich and beefy, with huge functionality for nearly every basic edit you could think of.

KineMaster is robust and stable, and most of all, you won’t need to look to expensive desktop software like Adobe Premier to make awesome edits.

Is it free?

Yes and no. The KineMaster trial version is free, but you’ll be subject to having to deal with a nice KineMaster watermark in the corner of your productions. Alternatively, you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription to rid yourself of the dreaded watermark. This paid version of the app will also give you access to premium features and video effects not available on the free plan.

If you’re serious about making engaging video content, paying for KineMaster latest version is a worthy investment considering how feature-laden it is.

The bottom line

There’s certainly a number of great video editing apps out there, especially for Android. But when it comes to ease of use and the ability to make quick edits on the go, KineMaster is an ideal choice. Whether you’re monetizing your passion on YouTube or simply making videos for fun, KineMaster latest version can help you spice it up and bring a professional edge to any project you embark on.