Music is and will continue to be the most powerful tool for influencing our emotions and helping us better comprehend the world around us through powerful combinations of lyrics and melodies. Allowing us to indulge in nostalgia or envision grand dreams for the future, the significance of song is oh so real. So real it would be hard to imagine a world without music. Humans have been taking part in song making for thousands of years, using it to tell stories in a communal setting. Needless to say, its come a long way from the days of chanting around an open fire. We are now met with an industry that boasts an insane number of genres and categories, spreading across the globe thanks to the introduction of the internet and relevant software.

As an avid music fan, you’ve no doubt done some research regarding different music streaming apps and which one is best suited for you in terms of pricing and content. This can be a monolithic task due to the sheer number of apps and developers out there aiming to become the next Spotify.  And for good reason. We should be able to bring music with us wherever we go, and music streaming apps let us do so, negating the need for chunky Walkmans of the past. So which music streaming app should you choose? It just so happens that JOOX music could be an ideal choice, depending on your needs. Let’s look at some of the features of the app and how to get your JOOX music free download in just a few clicks.

What is JOOX?

JOOX is a music streaming app for Android that was developed by a Chinese company, resulting in a service that focuses mostly on Chinese music while still giving you access to some global songs and artists. With the JOOX latest version, you have the addition of a karaoke feature as well as an updated library of songs to choose from.

Most of the functionality of JOOX app is similar to that of the top music streaming apps out there, with the main difference being the focus on music from China. Users can stream music, sing karaoke and watch music videos all from within the app, which is a feature many streaming services lack. JOOX offer paid plans with different levels of features, but can also be used free of charge at the most basic level. Users should note that creating an account with Facebook will grant them one month of premium features for free, so consider this a good way to test the app before deciding to take the plunge and purchase a plan.

Some sweet features of JOOX

The most beneficial feature of JOOX music is its huge library of songs, spanning across multiple genres and sub-genres. JOOX Radio lets you access over 50 radio stations to discover fresh music. Users can indulge in recommended playlists curated by experts, live broadcasting in JOOX Live and JOOX VIP (for paid members only). The app itself is quite highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their music streaming experience to their tastes.

Plus, the addition of karaoke is just another reason to get on board with JOOX Music and impress your friends with those God-given lungs. Take part in karaoke duets or go it solo.

Download JOOX latest version today to experience the magic of music the orients has to offer.