Ever played Temple Run? It’s a simple yet addictive game, right? But maybe it’s a bit too simple. Personally, I got bored of Temple Run pretty quickly – just running with no ultimate end objective other than beating your previous score.

The first installment of Into the Dead was somewhat similar, you ran through hordes of zombies to beat your high score. But now, with Into the Dead 2, things are different. The game is still a running game – you’ll automatically run through fields, towns, military bases, farms and more, but there’s also a story complete with missions and impressively scripted dialogue.

The Story

The latest version of the Into the Dead 2 game starts with the protagonist, James, getting into a car crash and then having to battle his way through hordes of zombies to rescue his family. You’ll never stop running, but you play in first-person and must shoot your way through the oncoming hordes with a variety of weapons – being careful or reload times and zombies hiding behind trees or buildings.

You can dodge the zombies by around an arm’s length, which is a useful thing to consider when playing. On top of that, it’s worth bearing in mind that while the early zombies die with one shot, the later ones in the game will take more than that to down – of course, your weapons will be upgraded to accommodate this increase in difficulty.

As far as endless runner games go, the latest version of Into the Dead 2 has taken a completely unique take on the genre with this style of gameplay never before being seen on an Android device. The originality of it plus the intense zombie mauling action is a recipe for fun that you won’t soon want to put down. If you’re looking for a new game to pass the time with, the Into the Dead 2 is a top choice for you to consider,

Best Features

Unique Gameplay

The action in the latest version of Into the Dead 2 is unmatched in the endless runner genre. You’ll be able to use military vehicles with heavy weapons attached, melee weapons, rifles and more to shoot your way through hordes of the relentless undead.


What’s more, this game has it’s own unique storyline that players will get heavily invested in. The basic premise of the game is to get the protagonist, James, to save his vulnerable family from the undead before they get munched to pieces.

Voice Acting

The game also features an impressive script with cutscenes and professional voice acting to match any major console game or even movie. This helps players to get even more immersed in the story and builds the characters further.


To complete the game’s unique delivery of action and entertainment, the graphics system has been finely rendered in the latest version of Into the Dead 2, making everything feel as real as it possibly can – so remember, it’s just a game!

If you’re looking for an epic new title to play on Android then you could do far worse than Into the Dead 2. The latest version of the endless runner zombie game has been fine-tuned to make for ultimate entertainment. Try it now!