A great threat to the human race has emerged and you as the player is tasked to eliminate it. Jump into Hundred Soul and take control of a group of warriors. Use carefully planned strategies to navigate your way through excellently designed levels. Welcome to the revival of epic boss battles that have seemed to die out with modern gaming. In the past, boss battles were one of the awesome aspects of video games. In this mobile game, you’ll find boss battles to be the main driving factor. Take a journey through time and relive your childhood gaming days with the latest version of Hundred Soul APK.

What you’ll find in the latest version of Hundred Soul

The game is set in a world where a vicious army of vile creatures has come to enslave humanity. It’s your job as a player to defeat them and take back control of our world. In order to achieve this goal, you need to lead a group of heroes into battle against the monsters. In each round, a boss will accompany them that makes the fight more difficult. You need to carefully watch the boss to figure out his weaknesses. Once you’ve located the weakness, you must exploit it and take him down.

Your team of heroes is probably the most important aspect of the game. If you want to be successful, you will need to keep them up-to-date. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a very unpleasant and frustrating experience for you. Your heroes carry equipment that plays a vital role in the fight against the boss and his minions. When defeating regional bosses you can free more heroes to fight with you against the horde of monsters.

Resources also play an important role in the game. Although, we do not recommend focussing on them early in the game. It is better to keep your heroes on par for the battles and you can take control of more resources later on. Defeating bosses isn’t just about rushing in and swinging a sword until it detaches from the hero’s arm. You need the right heroes with the right equipment to finish the job.

Download the latest version

The game has gained a lot of attention recently and for good reason. We sure missed epic boss battles in video games. The latest version of Hundred Soul will take you back to the good old days. I have to mention that the game requires a fair bit of processing power to function properly, so make sure your device is strong enough and has enough space. By tapping the green download button, you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can start your adventure back to the glory days of boss battles.

Don’t stress about malware, Google already checked. That’s why you can download it there. What are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go save humanity from monsters with a band of courageous heroes in the latest version of Hundred Soul.