A lot of people get excited when they hear “Free VPN,” although others approach such things with an appropriate amount of caution. If you’re looking to browse a more open web, get around geographically blocked websites, and hide your IP address from your internet service provider, employer, or anyone else, then Hola VPN is for you.

That being said, even the latest version of Hola VPN isn’t flawless. The VPN comes with about as much security as you’d expect from a free VPN – in other words, very little. That’s to say that a dedicated hacker would have your information in the click of a finger – and let’s not even get into how quick this would happen if it was a government agency. Of course, most people aren’t being tracked by the government and it’s not that common that you come across someone trying to steal your data (although it does happen to everyone at some point).

What Hola VPN gives you is the opportunity to mask your online presence from everyday people and organizations. If you want something bulletproof that will give you bank-grade encryption and ultra-privacy, then Hola is not the one for you. I mean, come on, you get what you pay for.

What does Hola VPN do for you?

In short, not that much, but it does do some stuff. The main attraction of Hola VPN comes in two points.¬†First, the VPN allows you to browse the web from a number of servers around the world, meaning that you can access sites that would usually be blocked in your country. This is particularly useful for someone living in a country like China, Iran, or other repressive governments that censor the web. It’s also useful for people on holiday who want to access websites (particularly streaming ones like BBC iPlayer) when abroad. Although, you can’t get US Netflix with Hola.

The other strong point of Hola VPN is that it’s quite fast for a free VPN. Having a VPN active will always slow down your connectivity a little because your data is being routed through the VPN server before it gets to where it’s going. Most pro VPNs are good enough that this isn’t really noticeable, and for a free VPN, Hola does quite a good job with regard to speed.

What Hola VPN doesn’t do for you

The latest version of Hola VPN does make an effort to keep you under the radar, but to be honest, it fails somewhat miserably if you’re looking for top-notch privacy. The VPN fails DNS tests and will likely leak your IP address over time.

On top of this, Hola doesn’t offer good encryption, meaning your data isn’t necessarily protected when you’re online. For this reason, you might not want to trust your data with this VPN. What’s more, Hola VPN logs your information – all of it – and says in their privacy policy that they might share it with “reliable third-parties.” This alone is enough to send any privacy buff on their heels.

In short

Overall, the latest version of Hola VPN is good for accessing blocked content, but that’s all. Don’t use it as a way to up your online security, it will essentially do the opposite of that. If you’re just looking to stream some movies with it on, then download the latest version of Hola VPN by pressing the download button at the top of this page.