Hinge is one of the new dating apps that has surfaced recently. Gliding in Tinder’s slipstream, Hinge uses the same swipe method that has been adopted by more than a few dating apps. Hinge, however, does have a small difference that sets it apart from the other dating applications. The application wants to give users a more honest and complete dating experience. In order to start a Hinge account, you have to fill in all the information on the profile and post at least 6 photos. This takes all the empty accounts out of the equation and ensures you know a little bit about the person before you make a decision.

What sets Hinge apart?

Hinge made sure it’s not just another Tinder clone, by adding one requirement at sign-up. When you start a Hinge account, the application compels you to upload six pictures of yourself and answer some basic questions. These questions and pictures ensure that other users get a better idea of who you are before you match up. The app is more focussed on dating rather than hook-ups. They claim that 75% of the people that go on a date, end up going on a second one.

This is where Hinge has an upper hand on Tinder. When using Tinder you can just swipe like a zombie for hours on end. On Hinge, you have to run through all the pics of a person before you can try to match with them. In between the pictures, some information about the person will appear in between the pics. This guarantees you know a little about the other person, as you scan through the pictures, to see if their interests match yours. This function can be the reason for the second date success rate.

When starting a Hinge account, you are required to upload 6 photos and answer some questions. the questions range from what’s your ideal date to information on your habits. These habits surprisingly include your drug habits. Yes, you can add if you take drugs, like drinking or smoke. With this method, you can paint a more complete and honest picture of yourself. The chances that you’ll meet your soulmate are largely increased with this method.

Download Hinge for a better dating experience

Hinge is available for download on Google Play. Clicking on the green download button on this page will transport you to the Play Store where you can download the latest version of Hinge.  Remember that you have to fill in 100% of the information before you’ll be able to start liking other’s profiles. This might take some time but in the end, it’s what makes hinge unique. Because of the high second date rate on the application,  would recommend Hinge to people who are on the lookout for something more than a one night stand.

If you happen to land a date, you and the other person will already know what your common interests are. This removes the awkward conversations while interrogating your date to fish out something that might be a connection. Download Hinge and find your ideal “more than a hookup” other half.