If you’ve played the original Hello Neighbor in which you had to uncover the secrets of your creepy neighbors home and mustache, you may enjoy the prequel. It’s called Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek, and while it’s not as odd and terrifying as the first, it’s originality is sure to keep you entertained.

In the original game, poor unsuspecting users had to break into the neighbors home and battle against an A.I that learns as you progress through the game. The mustached man has secrets and it’s your job to figure out exactly what he’s hiding in that creepy ol’ house of his.

The story

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek latest version takes place on a timeline previous to the original game. Mr. Peterson was once a loving family man before the events of Hello Neighbor, and this game takes place from the perspective of his children (before he kidnapped them) and is more of a charming puzzle game than straight-up horror. There’s a lot of cool stuff to discover and the vivid imagination of Mr. Peterson’s daughter is most likely filled with metaphors we neither have the time or energy to figure out.

Being a child, your imagination is extremely active, so a room magically transforms into a jungle and your brother a tiger who is aiming to hunt you. Your job is to gather a bunch of your beloved animal toys and put them in a basket, whilst avoiding being eaten by your tiger bro.

So what caused Mr. Peterson to turn to the dark side and kidnap his children? What are the motivations behind that disturbing mustache? There’s only really one way to find out. One must download and play Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek.

Some reasons to play Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

  • Don’t be a baby, it’s a fantastic eat game for Android and you probably have nothing better to do with your time
  • An original plotline that grows more intense as you play through the game
  • Supremely advanced A.I that learns and adapts from your actions and mistakes – even if you don’t!
  • Brilliantly original puzzles that require a bright mind to solve
  • Striking cartoon graphics that pop out from your screen and keep you engaged


The whole point of Android games is that you can take magic and adventure with you wherever you go. Or, you can take the mystery of your creepy computer-generated neighbor. Either way, if you skip by Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek latest version, you’re really selling yourself short. The game is highly original and as a prequel, adds more context to the storyline of the first Hello Neighbor.

So what are you waiting for? There’s a gripping and emotional story waiting for you. Download Hello Neighbor free online by clicking the big green ‘Download’ button and put your mind to the test. Just be prepared to lose from time to time. This isn’t Alexa and this A.I isn’t here to please you. It’s here to catch you. Good luck!