It’s our duty as good-natured, loving human beings to keep our dishes happy. How do you keep the dishes happy, you ask? Well, you start with the glasses. The aim of the game is to make the glass onscreen happy by guiding water into it. Put a smile on your face by putting a smile on a virtual glass’ face. Let me introduce you to the game that ‘ll make you waste time like no other of its kind.

What game is this?

The aim of the game is for the player to draw lines that will guide water into a glass. The empty glass has a mark that serves as a marker to where it should be filled. Filling the glass removes the frown from the glass and adds a smile.  The game is a puzzle game that is designed to get players thinking. The levels, in the beginning, it seems very easy for most players, but you’ll soon find these levels are just for players to find their feet. The levels as you progress tend to get fairly harder. I was stuck on a level once for almost three days. I was on the brink of smashing every glass in the house as a result.

How to play Happy Glass

The concept of the game is very basic and something we’ve seen one hundred times before. Yes, there are many games that use this concept. You use your fingers to draw lines that initiate the game’s physics and become solid objects as you lift your finger. The solid lines need to guide the water to a glass that’s more depressed than a blind, orphan that got diagnosed with cancer. Filling up the glass not only accomplishes your goal but drags the glass out of its dark psychological hole.


Like mentioned above, the first levels are fairly easy and they increase in difficulty the more you progress. The puzzles become more and more difficult and eventually, you’ll reach a point where just drawing lines randomly won’t cut it anymore. In the later levels, it takes a bit of planning before you’ll finally fill the glass above the target line.

Design and graphics

The game is very simplistic in design. The graphics aren’t something we can call “State of the art” but, who needs it. The basic graphics ensure the game runs more smoothly when it comes to the physics. The game’s physics are probably the best feature although sometimes it can act questionably. The frustration that’s caused by the water flowing too slowly and missing the cup at the edge just adds an extra dimension to the game.

Download Happy Glass APK now

Happy Glass is a challenging and addictive game. In the later levels of the game, you might be stuck for a while and decided to put it down for a day or two. The game’s addictive characteristics will suck you in during times of mild boredom. Procrastinate while completing puzzles and keeping your mind busy while your real-life problems spiral out of control.