Download the latest version GTA: San Andreas now – one of the greatest and most played games of all time.

GTA: San Andreas puts you in the shoes of Carl “CJ” Johnson, a gangster who has come back to Los Santos to bury his dead mother. Upon returning to his home city – based on Los Angeles in the early 1990’s – he discovers that the rest of his family and childhood friends are caught up on the wrong side of gang warfare, police corruption, and the crack epidemic that swept across the United States in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Loyalties will be tested, as money turns those who were once brothers against one another, and tragedy will eventually engulf CJ and his family.

In the midst of all of this, you’ll work with your brother to build up your gang – the Grove Street Families – and expand its opportunities of building income and influence around three vibrant cities – based on Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Before long you’ll find yourself on the front line of a brutal gang war (based on that in LA between the Crips and the Bloods), as well as doing business with the Chinese Triades in their war against encroaching Vietnamese gangs, as well as playing the mob against itself in the glistening strip of Las Vegas.

You’ll carry a casino heist, break into Area 51, and experience the race riots that brought Los Angeles to its knees in the early 90’s.

GTA: San Andreas is truly a landmark achievement of Rockstar North (the game’s developer) – few other games capture an era like this one does. It’s likely that you’ll spend hours and hours playing this game, securing gang territory, engaging in dog fights with military jets in the skies above the city, and wiping the plague of crack-cocaine off of your streets – all while trying to keep your family together in the bloody backdrop of organised crime.

This massive installment in the GTA series, released in 2004, came to Android with grace. The latest version keeps all the same features of the original PS2 version, as well as upgraded graphics and additional features.

Download GTA: San Andreas – latest version – apk now 

The latest version of this epic features new side missions, updates to graphics and fixes bugs that caused problems in previous versions. Download it now to get the best experience of this game.

Best Features

  • Massive open world to explore, including three massive cities, three airports, a mountain, a desert, vast oceans and expansive countryside.
  • Immersive storyline: Bring your family to greatness with the engaging storyline that will see you rise from the streets, and become a prosperous businessman.
  • Tons of vehicles: Including all sorts of cars, motorbikes, planes, boats, a jet-pack, trains, quad bikes, dune buddies, bicycles, tanks, fighter jets, Apache helicopters and more.
  • Auto-aim system: Manually target enemies, or auto-aim at them for convenience.
  • Side Features: You can go about your life when not engaging in the storyline. The massive world allows you to eat, go to the gym, get haircuts, buy new clothes and property, customize your cars, get a regular job, compete in sporting competitions, find hidden objects, and more.

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