If you’re familiar with GrandChase that was originally released on PC years ago, you’ll most definitely enjoy this mobile adaptation. Backed by 20 million players, GrandChase is considered a timeless classic, a masterpiece if you will by adventure RPG lovers across the globe. The mobile version of this game contains a vast collection of unique heroes – over 70 in fact – alongside a rich and complex storyline weaving fine details together like a fantasy novel.

GrandChase for Android is a sequel to the original game and contains some key differences in gameplay and execution. The struggle between darkness and light remains the same. However, rather than controlling one character, players are now able to control and train an epic squad of four on missions through a magical landscape filled with trepidation. Customize your squad from different hero archetypes to fight back against the evil alliance in GrandChase latest version for Android.


  • Dynamic gameplay lets you aim skills and control your squad in real-time epic battles
  • Intuitive gameplay lets you tap and drag to use combat controls with ease
  • Stunning graphics help you enjoy major improvements in characters and setting with detailing from the original PC version
  • Different combat styles like other mobile RPGs. Players can choose between auto-play and manual combat mode for battle
  • Hero customization lets players upgrade, evolve and equip each hero in their epic squad of four
  • Play with others and fight in team battles across the world with other real players in PvP battles
  • Over 70 unique heroes to collect, customize and upgrade
  • 5 unique hero types from awesome archetypes such as Assault, Tank, Ranged, Mage, and Support

Main Heroes


Kyle is an overconfident warrior that fancies himself a whizz at sword fighting and snarls at the use of magic. His lifelong quest is to meet the GrandChase apk.


Seemingly in love with bold swordsman Kyle, Cindy is a pink haired mage that oozes positivity and charisma everywhere she goes. She’s sure to brighten up the darkest adventure when shes not bickering with Kyle.


An orphan mage with purple hair, Arme is a hero with a dark past. Meeting a significant character after she joined the GrandChase would change her life forever.


He’s a tree-hugging druid but no crusty hippy. Ryan was battling monsters one day when he was picked up by the GrandChase and has been running with them ever since.


A blue-haired knight in shining armor straight from the royal guard, Ronan is noble and highly adept in sword-wielding and magic.


She’s the last of a long line of Princesses from Kounats who managed to escape her fate by traveling 1500 years into the future to today.


A gladiator with unrivaled talent, Sieghart has the gift of immortality.


Silver assassin Lass was kidnapped by a circus from a young age to entertain people as a monster attraction. As a result, she has honed her skills for years after her escape.


The Underworld provides a very lucrative career for Rufus. He is the watcher of this dark place and a bounty hunter extraordinaire.

GrandChase latest version for mobile doesn’t disappoint, so go ahead and download it for Android today to get lost in magical realms and hone your squad’s skills to defeat the evil Goddesses that threaten everything you love and know.