Technology has improved our lives drastically in the past few decades. Little things that we used to carry around or on us, like watches, are slowly disappearing thanks to mobile phones. We use our cellular devices everywhere and for almost everything. With apps like Google Pay, we have yet another reason to be permanently attached to our small technological master. Google Pay is at the forefront of the pay by phone (if that’s a real category) revolution. recently, we have seen multiple applications that enable users to use their cellphone to pay.

Apple has their own version of this concept and even the messenger app WeChat has a wallet function. Our phones are in our hands 90% of the time. therefore, it’s just easier to play with it. Don’t even bother to lift your head from the screen and greet the cashier. Stay inside your safe bubble and ignore your surroundings comfortably.

How it works

Money can be placed on Google Pay by connecting most debit- or credit cards and even PayPal. after you have some money in the bank, you’ll be able to pay at some of the most popular franchises like McDonald’s, KFC, Airbnb and certain supermarkets. You can sleep soundly knowing that Google has some of the best encryption in the world to protect your card information. As a measure of added security, the application can be locked with a password to protect your money from someone that is in possession of your device. The accounts can be managed from the settings menu within the application.

The application is the epitome of convenience. As a result of apps like Google Pay, you no longer have to carry a wallet around with cash that can be stolen in the blink of an eye. Now you can just press a button and be done with it. All of your cards can now be safely stored in one place on your Android device. The application is an answer to Apple pay from the large rival company that was the first of the two.

Google Pay started under the name of Android Wallet and had two other versions that worked in almost the same way called: Android Pay and Hands Free. These applications have all been merged into what you see Google Pay. One more great feature of the app is that you’ll be able to use it internationally in most of the developed countries. London and Chicago’s transport systems incorporate Google Pay as an acceptable method of payment.

Download and step into the future

Wallet applications are the future whether you would like to admit it or not.  They make our lives a lot more comfortable and remove another thing that we tend to forget somewhere or lose altogether. With Google Pay you only need to take your mobile Android device with you wherever you go. The encryption used by google is world class so you don’t have to worry about card information leaking. Download Google Pay latest version using the green button above and start living in the future.