Someday, somewhere in the world, on a golf course, there was a man thinking: This is freaking boring! So he went and searched for an excitement fix in the form of very strong psychedelic drugs. While under the influence of these substances, he had the terrific idea to make golf a bit more interesting by creating his own version of the game. This was named Golf Battle and the man created insane courses that could result in the death of players. This man was eventually arrested and the first round of Golf Battle never saw the surface of existence.

Later, however, a video game company decided to make his idea into a game so no one would be injured. Is this all true? Of course not! But there is a game called Golf Battle, with ludicrous courses and obstacles, that is available for download right here.

The game

Golf Battle is an alternative take on the great game we all know so well. the difference is, this game is not boring to watch. Where regular golf is only truly enjoyed if you’re the one playing it, Golf Battle is fun to watch and play. Suck on that real sport! The aim of the game is to be the first player to get the ball in the hole. Like mentioned above, the courses you navigate through is full of crazy obstacles that serve as challenges for the players. Did I mention this is a multiplayer game?

Yes, you don’t just hit the ball and take your time like those old, boring, rich men on television. This is a race and a battle. Face off against up to 5 other players as you try to be the first to get the ball in the hole. You can start off by going for a straight hole in one or you can declare war and attack the balls of the other players just to annoy them.

The game has a single player element, but that is only used for practicing and isn’t all that entertaining. there is also an option to play 2 player local battles and you can challenge a friend. This game mode is less action-packed and more civilized. The best games are the 6 player ones because all the chaos ensures you do not fall asleep on the second hole.

How to survive the chaos

I would recommend jumping straight in the 6 player games if you really consider yourself a man (or a strong independent woman). Yes, the chances that you’ll win are next to nothing because it seems that this is the only game some of the people have been playing for the last ten years. I’ve found that being thrown in the deep end is the best way to teach a child how to swim. So throw away your teddy bears, sit upright and play like a man.


Take your losses with pride, learn from them and rise stronger than before. Golf battle will provide players with a challenge, as well as hours of entertainment. The matches also don’t last for hours on end. Get a quick fix of fun by downloading the latest version of this insane game.