If you’re looking to up your cinema experience, then this is one of a few apps your should consider downloading. Gnula apk has a massive collection of movies, free to stream, including a large bank of South American and Spanish films to give you an introduction to the genre.

All the movies on this site have Spanish subtitles available should you desire them.

While the app is aimed at Spanish speakers, that doesn’t go to say that you can’t also watch all the Hollywood releases, both old and new on this app. Most of the movies are in English, with Spanish subtitles – although, there are plenty of other apps that don’t require you to have this, so maybe you’d rather have one of those if you’re not a Spanish speaker.

That being said, if you’re open to exploring South American and Spanish cinema, then this app is awesome. It features a wide selection of classics and modern masterpieces from the region. It’s an interesting, purpose specific app that you can download for free and indulge in.



Massive collection of movies from both the West and from the Spanish speaking world. Watch any movie you want anytime, anywhere, so long as you have an internet connection.

Latin movies

Watch movies from South America and Spain – increase your knowledge of cinema from this region of the world, and we guarantee you won’t regret it. Classics like City of God and Savage Tales await you.


If you’re a Spanish speaker, or want to watch movies with your Spanish speaking friends and family, then having subtitles in the language is a useful aid. This app is mainly aimed at Spanish speakers, although it can, in theory, be used by anyone.


The app has a very clear layout, with titles appearing in a grid with the posters dominating the screen. This layout makes it easy to find the movies you’re looking for without having to search relentlessly through the app. The titles are also categorized by genre, and you can search for individual movies via the search bar.

Free to use

All these movies, all completely free. Who can argue with that? Not us. This app has no paid in-app features, although there are occasional ads. Even these aren’t that intrusive, so you don’t have to worry about being bothered by them.

Download the latest version of Gnula apk now free

To download the latest version of Gnula apk, simply press the button at the top of the page. If you’ve never installed an app not from Google Play Store before, then you will have to go to Settings, navigate to Security, and check “Allow Unknown Sources.”

This will allow your device to install apps that Google hasn’t officially sanctioned on their Play Store. Gnula apk allows you to watch movies for free, which breaks copyright laws, so they don’t condone its use.

The app is totally legal to install, although some of the content on there does violate copyright. Enjoy using this awesome movie app.