Unlike other Battle Royale games on Android, Garera Free Fire puts you up against 49 other players to fight it out on a remote desert island.

Each game lasts around ten minutes and sees 50 players jump out of a plane, collect weapons and fight it out to the last man.

The freemium app has been rated by more than 10 million people on Google Play store and has rightfully taken its place at the top of the list of games played in the world right now.

The game takes the battle royale genre to new heights with its awesome vehicle selection – you can drive a wide selection of cars, jeeps, monster trucks and APC vehicles.

Players can also join the Death Race mode, which puts 25 teams of two players each up against one another – each of them in a vehicle. One driving. One gunning. You lose when you die or when your vehicle is rendered unusable.

This is a great game mode that isn’t featured in any other battle royale game.


INTENSE GAMEPLAY: Smaller maps and less time. This is a battle royale at its most nail-biting extreme. There’s less time to sit in the grass and wait for someone to come to you. You’ll have to get dirty and take out everyone in your path as quickly as possible.

DEATH RACE: An awesome game mode where you can drive, crash and shoot your way to being the last team standing. It gets a lot more difficult if one of you dies… try to avoid that!

TONS OF WEAPONS: You can choose from a massive variety of guns in Free Fire. This makes the killing all the more fun. Blow off heads in close range with the shotgun; snipe from afar when you’re on the high ground; or clear out approaching enemies with sub-machine gun fire. The choice is yours.

FAST-PACE: The game is quick and intense. You simply don’t have time to wait around in stealth, waiting for your opponents to all wander out in front of you. You’ll have to get in there and have some real action, otherwise, you can expect to be knocked out of the play zone in no time.

GRAPHICS: Like most of the battle royale games on Android at the moment, Free Fire features top-notch graphics, with realistic physics and an awesome collection of sound effects.

CUSTOMIZATION: You can customize your character to make them look like you, or however else you’d like them to look.

Download Garera Free Fire apk latest version on Android

If you’re looking to download the latest version of Free Fire, then press the button at the top of this page, and it’ll install.

The game is currently one of the most played in the world, meaning you’ll have a shortage of online battles to compete in. It’s also testament to the fact that this is an amazing and unique game in the genre, that is certainly worth playing, especially if you’re a fan of similar games like PUBG and Fortnite. Happy shooting!