STOP! We don’t want to waste your time. If you are not living or currently in India, we recommend you spend these precious few minutes looking for an alternative app, because this will be of zero use to you otherwise. Unless you get off on reading about software that’s irrelevant to you and your current situation. If so, read on dear friend.

India’s biggest sale is back baby!

These are words your likely to hear upon downloading and browsing through Flipkart, which can pretty much be described as the Indian Amazon. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry. As mentioned, this is an app that is dominating the Indian eCommerce market, so don’t expect to have been kept in the loop if you’re an indigenous Icelandic native. In fact, it’s exclusively only available in India and doesn’t offer international shipping. Find out what Flipkart latest version is all about below.

Why use Flipkart latest version?

In fact, there are many reasons you should download it, with several benefits for you as a consumer. Flipkart boasts a huge product range, with millions of items and thousands of brands spanning from electronics to clothes, accessories and much, much more. But beyond this, Flipkart latest version offers some promising incentives, policies, and guarantees to ensure it’s favored to be in your repertoire of online shopping apps.

Original & genuine products

With Flipkart’s assessment process, you can rest assured you’ll come across no counterfeit goods on this site. Every product listed must be tested and approved in a stringent process. Order in confidence that you’re receiving high-quality goods at all times.

Deals & discounts

Sales seasons offer a chance to clean up and grab huge discounts on items. These price cuts can rise anywhere up to 85% off and who knows, maybe even further. You can also make us of Flipkart coupons to save yourself some of those rupees you worked so hard for.

Solid returns policy

Sometimes items arrive and they’re not what we expected, leaving us disappointed and stressing about the process of having to return it. Each seller has a different policy but in most cases, you can return to sender and request your money back for an instant refund. Make sure to read up on the requirements of each individual merchant before purchasing.

Loyalty incentives

If you’re a loyal customer of Flipkart, prepare to reap the benefits. Build points and exchange them for items and rewards on site. All you need to do is create an account and start shopping. The more you buy the more you earn (classic).

Sell for cash

Don’t be thinking this is strictly a place for you to spend your money. Use Flipkart latest version to ‘flip’ the scales and actually earn money by selling stuff online. It’s an easy process and as India’s biggest online marketplace, you’re sure to have some success.

To conclude

Whether you’re in need of new headphones, a saree or a giant Buddha painting, you’re likely to find it on Flipkart for a good price. Download Flipkart latest version today.