Firefox Focus is a mini browser that is designed to keep you focused on the task at hand. The application was originally released in 2015 for iOS devices to serve as a tracker blocker. Firefox Focus was redesigned afterwards into a mini browser. In 2017 the Android version followed and the application reached 1 million downloads within the first month of its release. The main selling point on this browser is that it blocks ads and trackers. You can now browse the web, faster, untracked and ad-free.

What does Firefox Focus do?

Firefox Focus blocks unwanted advertisements and analytical trackers. Therefore, this means not only will your browsing experience be without pesky ads, but your pages will load a hell of a lot faster. The browser is named Focus for a very good reason. Once you open the interface, you’ll just see a purple background and a URL bar at the top. Hence, there are fewer distractions visible from the moment you open the browser. Another feature, or lack of a feature if you’re a pessimist, is the browser only runs on one tab. This all contributes to keeping you “focused” on the task at hand, and prevents you from getting sidetracked.


The browser was designed with the bare minimum functions, except the ad- and tracker blocking of course. This makes using the app very easy. At the top, you’ll find the usual buttons. Previous-, next page and reload buttons are at the top left next to the URL bar. Directly right of the refresh button is a small shield icon. When clicked, the button will display a list of pop-ups that were blocked during your browsing session up to that moment. Sometimes, the number might startle you. Compared to normal browsers, this is the reason Firefox Focus is so damn fast.

The positives and negatives of the Firefox Focus browser

As discussed above, Firefox Focus was designed with fewer functions for a good reason. Although it has some frustrating aspects as well as some amazing features that make it unique. The positives and negatives can be summed up as follows.

The positive aspects of Firefox Focus are:

  • Ads and trackers are blocked
  • Your browsing experience is faster
  • Your attention stays on the task at hand

The negatives of Firefox Focus are:

  • You can only use one tab at a time
  • Bookmarks are not available in the application.

To sum everything up

The idea behind Firefox Focus is truly one of a kind. The browser helps you to stay on track and focused on the task. at hand. The fact that it completely blocks trackers and ads is amazing, and on top of that this speeds up your browsing. The browser clears your history when you exit, this is very useful if you’re a forgetful lowlife that searches for some nasty stuff online. Not being able to bookmark is quite annoying, but I’m willing to overlook this small inconvenience since the app helps immensely with my ADD. Firefox Focus latest version is a must have for a mobile device and can be installed along with your normal browser since it only takes up around 2.8 MB.