Puzzle games are all the rage. Mobile games don’t have to be over complicated with outstanding graphics and meandering plots. Sometimes the most simple concept will suffice. Gaming is often our brief escape from reality after a long day, and at times we lack the brainpower or the desire to think too much while indulging in games on our daily commute. Why do you think Candy Crush was so popular?

Another game that promises to bring about plenty of challenging levels that don’t require you to use too much logic to figure out is Find The Differences – The Detective latest version. The game is, of course, entirely all about spotting the differences between two seemingly similar images, one after another. And it never ends. With over 200 levels across 20 categories, this is one heck of a way to fill up your day.

How to play The Detective

You’re paired with a notorious detective who needs help solving mysteries, and you’re the only one that can assist him. You will need to use your sharp eye to catch the fugitives and solve these heinous crimes. The gameplay is simple. Spot 5 differences between the two images to pass on to the next level. These differences are clues, and when you see them you have to click on that area of the screen to bring it to the detective’s attention.

Once you’ve found all the clues (differences), you will automatically progress to the next level. If you’re really struggling with the mystery at hand, clues are available to aid you. But beware, you only have a limited amount, and once they run out you’re on your own young Sherlock. There are also several sources on the internet that can help you out with the answers for each level, but where’s the fun in that? Might as well not bother downloading it at all.

How to install

We believe at top1apk that part of being a great detective is figuring out how to install The Detective. Consider it your first case. The first unsolved mystery on your way to becoming a legendary investigator.

Or you could hit the green download button at the top of this article to get the ball rolling. Just make sure you have enabled downloads from ‘unknown sources’ to give your Android the green light to install this awesome game.

The bottom line

This game is surprisingly a lot of fun, and it warrants a lot of play time considering how vast in numbers the levels are. It also gets progressively harder as time goes on, so expect to get stuck at several points down the line as you attempt to solve greater and greater mysteries with your new pal the detective. Overall, Find the Differences – The Detective latest version is a great game for increasing your observational skills, so much so that your child may even benefit from playing it Just be aware that it involves murder scenes – even if it is in 2D – so you’ll need to consider whether you want to expose your child to such a game.