Since the release of Instagram people have tried to figure out how to save pics and vids. For the pictures, the solution is fairly simple and easy. A humble screenshot does the job to save a picture on your phone. Videos, however, are a completely different ballgame. In order to download videos, you’ll need the FastSave for Instagram to download them without effort.

Saving Instagram Videos

The application has an ingenious design that allows users to download videos from Instagram. Saving these videos on your mobile device has never been easier and I’ll run through it with you quickly.

First, you enter the FastSave for Instagram app, activate the application and open Instagram¬†through it. From within Instagram you’ll be able to go to a video and select the option “copy video link” on the menu, located in the top right of the screen. Once you go back to the FastSave application you’ll see all the video links you’ve copied. From here you can save the ones of your choice on your Android device.

Don’t take this small feature for granted. Being able to copy as many links as you desire into the app, meaning that you save time. Instead of going back and forth as you would on other applications and websites, FastSave for Instagram makes it a lot more convenient for users to stack up videos that they can save later. Ultimately, this makes browsing on Instagram also freer. It relieves your focus from setting out on a mission to download videos to the everyday senseless browsing we love so much.

Safety and legality

On the legal side, there needs no worrying on your part. The application is available for download on the Google Play store, which means that the strict copyright regime of Google has already approved it. You’ll get in no trouble whatsoever if you use this app, it’s completely legit.

The safety of the application is also no serious worrying matter because like mentioned before, the app is downloadable from Google Play. It has already gone through its medical checkups for viruses and malware that might harm your Android device. your good to go for download and can sleep peacefully knowing Google did most of the work.


The FastSave for Instagram application works without fail. Getting to know the application is very simple and people catch on quickly just by playing around a bit. The app makes it convenient for users to browse Instagram like they normally do and stack up links from videos to download later. This saves time and gives the user an extra layer of control that they can’t find on other similar applications. FastSave for Instagram is available for download by clicking the green button above. The button will take you to the Google Play store. This means the application is free from viruses and trusted by the almighty Google itself.

Never struggle with complicated long processes again when you want to download a video from Instagram. Download the FastSave for Instagram APK latest version free for Android users by clicking above.