Let’s face it. Most of our lives are boring and tedious. There isn’t much that goes on in a nine to five life of a person. We all want the most exciting life possible before we transcend into the unknown abyss we commonly call death. as humans, the things we can do to improve our lives is usually too much effort and it tends to take too much time. we don’t have years and years to build the life we want. We want it now, on the spot, without much effort. That’s where the latest version of Episodes: Choose Your Story comes into play.

What is Episodes: Choose Your Story

The game takes you to another life where you can make choices to build on your character’s story. The game is set in a fictional world that looks like a complete soap opera. Players can create their own stories and post them for other players to enjoy in the game. The latest version of the game has tons of stories to play through. These stories tend to get a bit annoying seeing that they are all more or less the same. In the sense that they’re all probably written by sixteen-year-old heartbroken girls.

The app is free to download but not as free as you would think. Players can go through the stories, but they have to wait on some decisions up to three hours. Other than that you can pay to remove the waiting periods. Each story has multiple endings. Your decisions influence the outcome of the story that you play through. This is a unique dynamic that some very popular games have started to incorporate in their storylines or build their premise around.

Knowing that you have control over the story’s outcome to some degree gets players more involved. The more involved a game makes a player, the more addictive it is. The latest version of Episodes: Choose Your Story will keep you playing the whole day (or waiting to play the whole day if you don’t want to buy the complete version).


In the end, the game is fun (if you’re a teenage girl). The fact that the gameplay gives you some power over the outcome makes it more popular than your normal girly mobile game. The mode that allows players to create their own stories adds a dimension of creativity that other games usually lack. This will encourage the young writers among the users of the game. The latest version of Episode: Choose Your Story will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you like drama and think your life can do with some other than what you already have.

In order to download the latest version of the application, just press the button on this page. The app is free to download and safe to use. Go ahead and dive into your new drama filled world. Create your own story and see how it plays out. Come back and give the app a rating.